Records are meant to be broken?

Not these. Never these.

These 9 SEC records might as well be written in stone.

9. Interceptions thrown in a game (9)

Maybe Lane Kiffin or Mike Leach will allow a QB to stay in the game long enough to challenge John Reaves’ mark? After all, Matt Corral threw 6 in a game last year, but he became just the 2nd SEC QB this century to throw that many.

Reaves’ dubious record has stood since 1969, when the former Florida QB threw 9 picks against Auburn.

But as Steve Spurrier often joked, it wasn’t Reaves’ fault. Ray Graves was calling the plays.

8. Consecutive SEC victories (27)

Alabama set this mark from 1976-80. Nobody has seriously challenged it since.

In the 2000s, Alabama is the only SEC program to win at least 20 consecutive SEC games, and the Tide’s streak stopped at 22 with a loss in the 2017 Iron Bowl.

The Tide carry a 10-game SEC winning streak into 2021, which means they’d have to go perfect in 2021 and 2022 and then win their first 2 SEC games in 2023 to break the mark. That’s not happening.

7. SEC championships by a coach (14)

Bear Bryant holds the record.

Nick Saban just won his 9th SEC title this past season. Will Saban coach into his late 70s? Saban turns 70 this Halloween. Even if he continues to win an SEC title every other year (he’s won 7 in 14 years at Alabama), he’ll very likely retire before he approaches Bryant’s mark.

6. Career sacks (52.0)

The great Derrick Thomas set this mark at Alabama from 1985-88.

Since then, only 1 player — Georgia’s David Pollack with 36.0 — has gotten within 16 of it.

The reasons are aplenty, and one of the newest is the fact that talented edge rushers are in high demand. Any junior who puts up double-digit sacks automatically starts weighing NFL options. And in some cases, their decision to turn pro early was made even before their junior season began.

5. Career TD passes (121)

In theory, Aaron Murray’s record is ripe for the taking.

True freshman quarterbacks are starting from Day 1. Teams are throwing more and scoring more than ever.

Rinse and repeat 4 times and you could finish with 140 TD passes in a career.

The problem, of course, is those QBs don’t stick around for 4 seasons.

Even a quality college quarterback like Jake Fromm, who had no real early-round NFL chance, left a championship-caliber program after 3 years. From had 78 TD passes. Could he have thrown 44 as a senior? We’ll never know.

Tua Tagovailoa left Alabama with 87. He certainly could have broken the record had he returned for his senior year. But he didn’t. The new shrinking timeline to get to the NFL will help Murray keep this record forever.

4. Most rushing yards in single season (2,219)

Derrick Henry is the only back in league history to top 2,000 yards. He finished with 2,219 during Alabama’s 2015 national championship season. Not only did he break Herschel Walker’s long-standing record (Leonard Fournette passed Walker, too), Henry ran away with the Heisman Trophy.

The game has changed so dramatically that we might not see another 1,800-yard rusher in the SEC. After all, we haven’t seen one since 2015 — and that was before every great SEC offense started throwing it like they bolted for the Big 12.

3. Most career rushing yards (5,259)

This is one of the SEC’s most magical numbers and it’s stood since 1982, when Herschel Walker cemented himself as the greatest SEC football player of all time.

Walker’s career total needs no perspective. Almost 40 years later, he’s still nearly 500 yards ahead of his next closest competitor.

The most remarkable aspect of this is Walker accumulated those yards in 33 games. Every other rusher in the top 10 played at least 38 games.

2. TD passes in a season (60)

Kyle Trask and Mac Jones just had Heisman-worth seasons, and neither came within 15 TDs of Burrow’s total. Jones played in 13 games. Even if you give him 2 more games at, say, 5 TDs apiece, he still falls 9 shy of tying the record.

Every single thing went right for Burrow in 2019. Starting with the fact he stayed healthy throughout and LSU played 15 games. Only 2 teams in America get to play 15 games in a typical season — the ones that make it to the national championship.

He also threw for an SEC-record 5,621 yards that season. That record seems safe, too, considering Burrow shattered it by nearly 1,500 yards. But it’s easier to envision somebody averaging 400 yards a game passing than 4 TD throws per game.

1. Fewest points allowed in a season (0)

Ten games, 10 shutouts.

Oh, what Josh Heupel wouldn’t give for a little bit of that 1939 Tennessee defense …