Here at the SEC bold predictions department, Week 6 isn’t an off week. Yes, we’re down to a mere 5 SEC-related games this week, and there are some snoozers. But never fear. We’re keeping it bold 24/7 and delivering a wild prediction for each of those games. Here goes nothing:

Troy shocks the SEC and world again … for a half

Yes, we remember that bizarre and unsettling time not that long ago when Troy went to LSU and won. This week, the Trojans match up with Missouri, and that looks like about as big of an upset, should it come to pass. Here’s the thing. Missouri isn’t going to lose to Troy, but off a bye week, it’s not hard to imagine them being more than a little dozy early in the game. For a half, Troy will rely on the same recipe it used to upset LSU in 2017 — timely defense, opportunistic running game, not beating themselves. But in the 2nd half, the Missouri passing game just has too much mojo to let this happen. Tigers by 3 touchdowns, but only after a 1st-half scare.

A hundo on the Bayou

The LSU offense might be the story of SEC play so far. And it’s meeting a defense that has allowed 263 passing yards per game this year, and might get carved like a Thanksgiving turkey. But here’s the thing —  Utah State can score, and LSU might be just off its top effort enough to give up 30ish points … which is why we think there could be 100 points scored in this one.

Utah State averages 533 yards per game — granted, not against LSU-type athletes, but this one could look like basketball on grass. We’ll take LSU by a 60-some to 30-some kind of margin, with the over of 74 for this game being a sure thing.

Georgia doesn’t cover the spread in an act of mercy

As Connor O’Gara noted earlier, we’ve gone from a world where a UT coach cried after his team pulled off a Hail Mary miracle to beat Georgia to a world in which a UT coach cried when his team was only losing by a couple touchdowns to Georgia in the 4th quarter.

And here’s the thing — Kirby Smart is getting smarter.

And part of smart is not kicking a sleeping dog. UT is awful this year, and has the potential to stay that way for a while. Steve Spurrier would beat this Vol team by 60. But Smart will make this a grinder of a game that Georgia wins by a score like 35-14, without the game even being that close. But by not running UT’s nose in this one, he’ll increase the chances that there’s a Year 3 of the Jeremy Pruitt era. Hey, he’s not Kirby Dumb.

Vandy in an upset

This Ole Miss team has a different identity every week, and while Vandy isn’t setting the world on fire, the Dores know who they are. Who they are is Ke’Shaun Vaughn and some good offensive playmakers. This feels like a 35-31 kind of game where whoever has the ball last will win. But Vaughn is the difference-maker, and the Dores will ride him to a 150-yard, 2-touchdown kind of day and an upset victory in Oxford.

I’m a Bo-liever (300 yards worth)

Yes, yes, some of us (yours truly) have been skeptical about the Auburn ascension up the college football ladder. But last week, some of us (yours truly again) saw the light.

This is a Florida defense that has gotten by from putting heat on opposing passers at opportune times. But otherwise, they’ve been dinged up in the passing game by guys like Jarren Williams and Sawyer Smith.

The Auburn line is too good to give up a ton of sacks in this game, and with time to make plays and a coach who wants to announce that the rumors of his demise were quite premature, this is the game where Bo puts up some numbers. We’ll take Auburn by 2 scores via a 300-yard passing game from Bo Nix.