Earlier, we broke down where the Top 100 recruits were going to play college football next season.

The short answer — like most years — was: the SEC, which signed nearly half of those players.

Today, we drill down a bit deeper and examined the top 30 players at 4 key offensive positions. Did one league clean up at one position and struggle at another? Did the SEC dominate every position?

Let’s find out. (Rankings are based on 247Sports’ composite and all of these players signed or committed.)


This QB class didn’t quite match the 2021 group (6 5-stars), but it was better than usual with 5 5-stars in the mix.

Three of those 5-star QBs signed with SEC programs.

The overall race between the SEC and Big Ten appeared close (10 of the top 30 QBs signed with SEC schools; 8 chose the B1G), but the SEC grabbed 5 of the top 10 (B1G had 2) and 7 of the top 20 (B1G had 4).

The final tally of the top 30 QB recruits:

  • SEC: 10
  • Big Ten: 8
  • ACC: 5
  • Big 12: 3
  • Pac-12: 2
  • Notre Dame: 1
  • Uncommitted: 1

Running backs

Once again, the overall numbers appear fairly close, but the SEC signed 4 of the top 7 RBs in the class and 7 of the top 25. Alabama signed the No. 1 RB Emmanuel Henderson and No. 7 Jamarion Miller.

No other league had more than 1 top-10 RB (although North Carolina signed 2 of the top 12).

There is time to change that: 5 of the top 30 RBs have not committed.

The final tally of the top 30 RBs:

  • SEC: 8
  • Big Ten: 5
  • ACC: 4
  • Pac-12: 4
  • Uncommitted: 5
  • Notre Dame: 1

Wide receivers (and tight ends)

Not that we need more evidence that the SEC no longer is a run-first league, but Wednesday provided more proof.

The top 3 WRs in the class signed with SEC programs. So did 8 of the top 20 and 11 of the top 30.

It seemingly took forever for a QB to join Tim Couch as a 4,000-yard passer. Now, it’s an annual occurrence, thanks in large part to the annual revolving door of talent acquisition at the wide receiver position.

The final tally of the top 30 WRs:

  • SEC: 11
  • Big Ten: 7
  • Big 12: 5
  • ACC: 3
  • Notre Dame: 1
  • Pac-12: 1
  • Uncommitted: 2

Offensive line

Somebody has to protect those QBs and open lanes for the running game.

The SEC again led the way, signing 4 of the top 10, 7 of the top 20 and 9 of the top 30.

But let’s remember Notre Dame’s class if the Irish become a bruising power in 2 or 3 years. Notre Dame signed 4 of the top 30 OL in this class. The Irish equaled the combined signatures from Alabama and Texas A&M.

The final tally of the top 30 big uglies:

  • SEC: 9
  • ACC: 5
  • Big Ten: 4
  • Notre Dame: 4
  • Big 12: 3
  • Pac-12: 1
  • Uncommitted: 4

Overall …

The SEC joined the offensive revolution several years ago. Now it’s merely showing off.

The league is attracting the best and most skill talent in America and still mauling people in the trenches like it always has. This class will continue — and perhaps expand — that trend.

The final tally of the 4 key offensive position groups tells the tale:

  • SEC: 38
  • Big Ten: 24
  • ACC: 17
  • Big 12: 14
  • Pac-12: 8
  • Notre Dame: 7
  • Uncommitted: 12