We are going through unprecedented times right now, as a COVID-19 outbreak keeps many around the world in quarantine.

Here in the U.S., there are no sports going on right now, as March Madness and the NBA season and spring football, among others, have been canceled or postponed.

So, in times like these, it’s worth taking a look at sports and their place in life. SEC Network host Paul Finebaum exactly why sports matter (via KnoxNews.com):

“I’m not going to let somebody say, ‘Well, sports don’t matter.’ Sports do matter,” Finebaum said. “They matter a lot.

“Right now, I think we are going to miss it terribly. And part of the reason why we enjoy it so much and I think are going to miss it so much is it takes our mind off other things. Let’s say you’re down and out about whatever in your life and you put on a basketball game, you forget everything. You’re screaming and hollering and jumping up and down. On a Friday in March when the temperature finally hits 75 for the first time, you head down to Kansas and sit there and watch a baseball game or softball game or a tennis match. It’s an escape, but it’s also a lot of our identity.”

Now, more than ever, we need an escape. Stay safe, everyone. Let’s beat COVID-19 so we can get back to sports.