Aaron Judge and his home run chase has become a popular subject for college football fans. But for all the wrong reasons.

The Yankees slugger was the subject of a parody segment on Monday morning on “SEC This Morning” as Dari Nowkah, who was filling in for Peter Burns, and Chris Doering addressed the issue.

While Doering discussed the Auburn offense, a producer stepped in with video of Judge getting in the batter’s box.

“Is he up again?,” Nowkah said.

Added Doering, “There are a lot of angry people who have their coverage interrupted. Broadcasters have not been happy about the cut-ins.”

Doering then asked Nowkah if he was irritated about the cut-in, and noted, “It’s a rare 8 o’clock in the morning game.”

Replied Nowkah, “They’re playing in Bangladesh today,” and then treated it like a regular broadcast. “Let’s see what happens here. He’s been stuck at 61 since June.

Doering then recalled his personal connection to the Roger Maris family, which has roots in Gainesville, Florida, and how the media during Maris’ chase didn’t want that Yankees slugger to break Babe Ruth’s record.

Nowkah then said Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa ruined the home run records, and that he “couldn’t care less” if Judge breaks the record. Then Doering recalled how the summer of 1998 was fun and had daily drama because they went back and forth.