Days before the Atlantic Coast Conference was set to unveil its new slogan for the 2016-2017 sports calendar, the conference has abruptly cancelled the move and is reportedly going back to the drawing board.

In light of what ACC officials perceived as an environment with increasing controversy surrounding collegiate athletics, the ACC planned to unveil a new slogan: “It Just Means Less.”

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The slogan intended to emphasize the notion that the ACC is bigger than athletics. It’s an academics-first institution, and definitely not a football-focused conference.

Reportedly, ACC officials unanimously supported the new tagline, but abruptly reversed course in light of Monday’s SEC slogan reveal.

During the opening day of SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey revealed the SEC’s new “It Just Means More.”

It’s being reported that ACC leadership is split on how to proceed in response of the SEC’s move on Monday.

One faction believes in moving forward with the initial plan as it provides an opportunity to differentiate itself from the SEC.

Others remain in a state of confusion and are questioning everything for which the ACC stands.

An official spoke to Saturday Down South on the condition of anonymity, “I’ll be honest. Our team isn’t doing well right now. There’s definitely a feeling that we can’t do anything right.”

Moreover, ACC officials are concerned about a public backlash similar to what the Big Ten received several years ago when it rebranded its two divisions, “Legends” and “Leaders.” The social media world ridiculed the conference relentlessly until it reversed course and went with the less-risky “East” and “West” names.

Obligatory Disclaimer: This was a satire.