Following the brouhaha in Nashville on Saturday between Derek Mason and Dan Mullen, Peter Burns and Marcus Spears on the SEC Network developed their own “brawl rankings” of SEC coaches.

On the “SEC This Morning” show, Burns and Spears gave their top five “toughest” SEC coaches. Interestingly, guests D.J. Shockley and Tony Barnhart each ranked Vanderbilt’s Derek Mason at the top as Burns framed one part of the segment about which coach would you want in a security detail.

Much like each coach’s personality, Spears and Burns explained their picks such as Spears saying that Odom had “old man strength,” and Matt Luke would apologize before the fight about what’s about to happen. Oregon would be the kind of guy to get hit in a bar fight and then pound his chest looking for more, Spears said.

Burns added that he would have preferred Will Muschamp from 2003 rather than 2018. And Kirby Smart would be a tactician to develop a strategy to win the battle.

Both ranked Nick Saban at the bottom because of his age.