Video: Massive cafeteria brawl leaves 11 Alcorn State football players arrested

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Eleven Alcorn State football players have been arrested following a massive cafeteria brawl, according to the Clarion-Ledger. The fight broke out on Monday, April 10.

Several videos emerged from cell phones last week.

The charges against the players range from malicious mischief to simple assault, and all of them are misdemeanors.

Claiborne County Sheriff Frank Davis said other students filed charges against each of the players, and the sheriff’s office anticipated more arrests would likely be made Thursday.

Alcorn State issued a statement on the incident.

“Maintaining a safe and secure campus community is the institution’s top priority. Campus police investigate all instances of student misconduct thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary actions are implemented in accordance with Alcorn’s student code of conduct.”

Following the fight in the cafeteria, it resumed in the parking lot.

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  • The liberal news media will now claim that this could just have easily happened at Princeton or Yale.

  • No surprise here. Alcorn still has Tip McKenzie on their roster as he awaits trial for the Vanderbilt rape. Athletic department cares none about behavior or a culture of decent morals.

    • So a Vandy player commits rape, transfers to Alcorn State, and thus that provides you with your evidence to say “No surprise here.”

      • I would argue that your typical football program is not going to let someone play in the middle of an ongoing case, especially a sexual assault case. The “no surprise here” comment probably means that if you’re willing to allow someone like that to be on your team, you can probably find other players with character issues. When you have that many football players involved in a brawl like that it makes you start questioning character.

        • I would agree with you on your remarks about what most schools would do, however, I will disagree with your assumption regarding the original poster’s “no surprise comment”.

  • What happened to the good, clean fights of my youth? One on one and it was over when the first person went to the ground.
    All these brawls I see now are four on one and kicking people on the ground. Where’s the sport in that?

  • hmmm makes you wonder whether there’s a behavioral reason some of em are at alcorn state instead of a D1 program…

  • my my my nigga be nice

  • One person’s behavior can dramatically affect the atmosphere, reputation, performance and profitability of an institution. People forget great football season a lot faster than they forget crime. This is not a racial axiom but any additional complications that divide a community amplify.

  • has Auburn or Louisville sent out the transfer offers yet?

  • And this is why we can’t have nice things!