A new football league set to begin play in 2019 has released a roster of players, including several who spent time in the SEC.

Many of the names are not household names nationally, but should be familiar across the SEC as they made contributions in their careers. They are not blue chip type talent at this stage in their careers because NFL training camps still hold the majority of top football talent, at least until roster cuts. Plenty of players still hold out hope for an NFL dream fulfilled.

Recognizable talent is key for the AAF as it tries to grab attention and TV ratings, and that’s written into contracts.

The cities in this league are Birmingham, Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and San Diego.

The AAF announced with the roster additions on Monday that “the standard Alliance player contract offers players a base salary of $250,000 over three years with a comprehensive bonus system which will award financial compensation based on a variety of metrics such as performance, win, and fan engagement. Additionally, players who make final rosters will be offered postsecondary education assistance and health and wellness benefits.”

The former SEC players signed by the league are listed below:

Birmingham roster:

  • Alabama wide receiver Chris Black
  • Mississippi State defensive end Nelson Adams
  • Mississippi State linebacker Beniquez Brown
  • South Carolina defensive end Dante Sawyer
  • Arkansas linebacker Dwayne Eugene

Memphis roster:

  • Kentucky defensive back Blake McClain
  • Ole Miss tackle Christian Morris
  • Kentucky tackle Cole Mosier
  • Vanderbilt defensive back Darrius Sims
  • Kentucky wide receiver Ryan Timmons
  • Tennessee defensive end Corey Vereen
  • Arkansas defensive end Jamichael Winston

Orlando roster:

  • Florida defensive back Will Hill
  • Florida defensive tackle Leon Orr

Here’s a breakdown of how rosters come together in the AAF, which will be based on where players went to school and played in the NFL:


AllianceRoster – 8.6.18