Every week is fashion week in college football.

Week 10 provided another glimpse at new uniforms and modified ones. Some worked. Some didn’t. And some made you want to shield your eyes.

Here’s a look at the good, the bland and the downright ugly from Week 10.

The Good


Uncommon swag, indeed. These Arkansas uniforms were paired with equally awesome performance by the Razorbacks in Week 10. The helmet, the jerseys, the pants and the cleats. Everything was outstanding.

Here’s how the put it together.


It’s pretty surprising to see UConn’s threads make it on a football uniform list. But these greys did the trick, although their performance on the field during their 21-0 loss to Temple was much more lackluster.


Baylor’s uniforms were controversial as many suggested they were used in protest of Art Briles’ firing. The team denied it, so let’s not jump to conclusions. Instead, let’s acknowledge that Baylor’s uniforms far exceeded its play on the field during a 62-22 loss.


Pretty sweet helmets for Memphis this week. The Tiger stripes looked pretty great with the primary road uniforms on Saturday.


Oh Kentucky, just keep wearing those helmets and everything will be fine. Seriously, how great are those? Almost as much as the sudden turnaround to the football program, despite the close loss to Georgia.

Old Dominion

Who would’ve thought Old Dominion would make our list for football? But here we are talking about these awesome all-black threads the Monarchs wore in Week 10. These looked awesome, especially in a 38-14 victory over Marshall.


These looked pretty sweet and they honored the military. Definitely no complaints with Cincinnati’s uniform selection.

The Bland

Grand Valley State

Bland as bland can be. Look at those socks. You could get that same pair at any Walmart in America.

The Ugly

Austin Peay

Lots of stuff going on with that jersey. There are a lot of patterns and it just looks really ugly. But credit Austin Peay for thinking outside of the box, at least.


Ugh. The Maryland “let’s be Under Armour’s Oregon” Terrapins. It’s great that the Terps want to honor their state, but shouldn’t include that pattern on its shoulder blades. Awful, just awful. Don’t even get us started on that helmet.