Every week is fashion week in college football.

Week 9 provided another glimpse at new uniforms and modified ones. Some worked. Some didn’t. And some made you want to shield your eyes.

Here’s a look at the good, the bland and the downright ugly from Week 9.

The Good

South Carolina

South Carolina’s all black uniforms looked awesome Saturday. Perhaps it was enough motivation for a strong performance against heavily favored Tennessee to pull off an upset.

Arizona State

Desert Chrome, indeed. Just look at that helmet. That’s a thing of beauty.


Again, the helmet makes the uni here. Not only does the chrome red look awesome, it’s also very patriotic.


Starting to see a theme here? Teams are putting more emphasis on modern helmets and it’s paying off. Utah’s looked awesome despite a losing effort against Washington.


This is a case where a simple concept can go really well. The all navy suits Virginia perfectly and gives it a spot on our “good” side.


Indiana’s all red uniforms look great on their own. But once again, the helmet is the icing on the cake. Although its pattern is very Michigan-esque, which would be fine if it wasn’t a rival program.

Wake Forest

These primary black Wake Forest jerseys look awesome. They’re very military-esque, which is fitting considering they faced Army in Week 9.

Texas A&M

One of Texas A&M’s many uniform combinations, the solid maroon jerseys and helmets looked awesome during an easy victory over New Mexico State.

The Bland


These are pretty boring. The primary white usually doesn’t provide much excitement, but the Minnesota colors in general just look dull anyway.

The Ugly


What is this? It looks like a created team in an old Madden game. That pattern just looks atrocious, which has been fitting of Purdue’s play in 2016.