If being undefeated for two consecutive seasons isn’t enough to get UCF into the College Football Playoff, what will?

That’s the main question American Athletic Commissioner Mike Aresco asked during his recent appearance at the SportsBusiness Journal and Daily’s Intercollegiate Athletic Forum from New York City.

“Unfortunately, there’s a perception of our conference, which is flat out wrong, that somehow we play JV football, which is ridiculous,” Aresco noted during his Wednesday appearance.

The commissioner of UCF’s league then took issue with the College Football Playoff committee and the fact they seem to honor other institutions’ perfect seasons over his own, despite the feedback he’s getting from across the nation on UCF’s accomplishments on the field.

“The point is, which is a big concern, they (UCF) weren’t seriously considered for (the Playoff). It doesn’t appear that they were and that’s the problem,” Aresco continued. “As far as I’m concerned, if you do what they did two years in a row — you beat Pitt decisively this year — I don’t know if you heard what Pat Narduzzi said in the press conference, he’d rather play Notre Dame than UCF.”

Aresco then went were many UCF supporters have already gone, if UCF’s accomplishments won’t get them in, will a Group of 5 program ever get into the College Football Playoff?

“You look at the other games they’ve played and won and the adversity they’ve faced and you say to yourself, well, what do they have to do?” he asked. “Is half of college football precluded from playing in this Playoff?”

Video of Aresco’s appearance can be seen below: