Week 11 should be one of the best weekends to date in the SEC, as all 14 league teams are playing against fellow conference opponents Saturday.

To help get a read on how the analytics crowd projects the big weekend playing out, Brian Fremeau has released his latest FEI game projections on his site – BCF Toys. If you are interested in how these predictions are calculated, per the site: ‘FEI Game Projections are calculated as a function of the current FEI rating of each team, an adjustment for home field advantage, and the projected scoring pace of the game.

Here is how Fremeau’s site BCF Toys, projects each SEC contest going in Week 11:

  • Alabama is projected to beat Mississippi State by a score of 43-3. The Tide have a win likelihood of 99 percent.
  • Florida is projected to beat South Carolina by a score of 28-9. The Gators have a win likelihood of 88 percent.
  • Tennessee is projected to beat Kentucky by a score of 39-10. The Volunteers have a win likelihood of 97 percent.
  • Auburn is projected to beat Georgia by a score of 35-12. The Tigers have a win likelihood of 93 percent.
  • Vanderbilt is projected to beat Missouri by a score of 26-19. The Commodores have a win likelihood of 68 percent.
  • LSU is projected to beat Arkansas by a score of 28-19. The Tigers have a win likelihood of 72 percent.
  • Texas A&M is projected to beat Ole Miss by a score of 32-22. The Aggies have a win likelihood of 74 percent.