With Florida traveling to Tennessee, Georgia making the trip to Ole Miss, LSU hitting the road for Auburn combined with Arkansas and Texas meeting once again in Arlington, by the conclusion of this weekend, both SEC races will really begin to heat up entering Week 5 of the season.

So which teams leave Week 4 victorious in the SEC? According to analytics expert Brian Fremeau, some results may surprise you this weekend.

Without diving deep into the one game against FCS competition (Missouri vs. Delaware State), here is how Fremeau’s site BCF Toys, projects each remaining SEC contest going in Week 4:

  • Alabama is projected to beat Kent State by a score of 54-0. The Crimson Tide have a win likelihood of 99 percent.
  • Arkansas is projected to beat Texas A&M by a score of 27-25. The Razorbacks have a win likelihood of 55 percent.
  • LSU is projected to beat Auburn by a score of 32-18. LSU has a win likelihood of 81 percent.
  • Ole Miss is projected to beat Georgia by a score of 27-21. The Rebels have a win likelihood of 67 percent.
  • Mississippi State is projected to beat UMass by a score of 36-9. The Bulldogs have a win likelihood of 96 percent.
  • South Carolina is projected to beat Kentucky by a score of 31-19. The Gamecocks have a win likelihood of 77 percent.
  • Tennessee is projected to beat Florida by a score of 30-12. The Volunteers have a win likelihood of 89 percent.
  • Western Kentucky is projected to beat Vanderbilt by a score of 34-13. The Commodores have a win likelihood of 10 percent.