While the slate out of the West this week features several overmatched opponents, every East team faces a conference foe this weekend. The numerous SEC games this weekend could go far in determining who takes a step closer to Atlanta and which teams need to start planning for next year – just as the calendar turns to October.

So which teams leave Week 5 victorious in the SEC? According to analytics expert Brian Fremeau, many of the games this week are likely to end in some disappointing blowouts.

Without diving deep into the one game against FCS competition (Arkansas vs. Alcorn State), here is how Fremeau’s site BCF Toys, projects each remaining SEC contest going in Week 5:

  • Alabama is projected to beat Kentucky by a score of 63-0. The Crimson Tide have a win likelihood of 99 percent.
  • Auburn is projected to beat Louisiana-Monroe by a score of 42-6. The Tigers have a win likelihood of 99 percent.
  • Florida is projected to beat Vanderbilt by a score of 26-15. The Gators have a win likelihood of 77 percent.
  • Texas A&M is projected to beat South Carolina by a score of 39-6. The Aggies have a win likelihood of 98 percent.
  • Ole Miss is projected to beat Memphis by a score of 39-18. The Rebels have a win likelihood of 92 percent.
  • LSU is projected to beat Missouri by a score of 33-9. LSU has a win likelihood of 93 percent.
  • Tennessee is projected to beat Georgia by a score of 25-20. The Volunteers have a win likelihood of 63 percent.