Ready for some early picks in anticipation for the weekend ahead?

While the majority of the West should face little resistance Saturday, each East team goes up against a conference opponent in Week 5. To help predict the outcomes of each SEC game (with the exception of the Arkansas game) this weekend, Ed Feng – founder of The Power Rank, has released his latest set of analytic predictions for the upcoming week.

Feng has predicted not only the likelihood of winning for each SEC team but the projected margin of victory for each contest, as well.

Last season, The Power Rank accurately predicted 76.1% of games (570-179 overall) and did not include FBS vs. FCS matchups to skew its results – thus Arkansas vs. Alcorn State did not make the list this week.

Here’s how The Power Rank sees the Week 5 action going in the SEC:

  • Ole Miss is projected to beat Memphis by 12.2 points at home. The Rebels have an 81 percent chance of victory.
  • Tennessee is projected to beat Georgia by 6 points at home. The Bulldogs have a 33 percent chance of victory.
  • Florida is projected to beat Vanderbilt by 5 points on the road. The Commodores have a 36 percent chance of victory.
  • Texas A&M is projected to beat South Carolina by 12.2 points on the road. The Gamecocks have a 19 percent chance of victory.
  • LSU is projected to beat Missouri by 17.1 points at home. Missouri has an 11 percent chance of victory.
  • Alabama is projected to beat Kentucky by 31.9 points at home. The Wildcats have a 2 percent chance of victory.
  • Auburn is projected to beat Louisiana-Monroe by 22.5 points at home. The Tigers have a 6 percent chance of victory.