The SEC finished 12-2 in Week 1 of the college football season and things are about to get dicey with some great Week 2 games.

In times like these, help is always welcomed. To help predict the outcomes of some SEC games, Ed Feng – founder of The Power Rank, has released his latest set of analytic predictions Tuesday. Feng has predicted the likely winner along with the projected points the team will win by in certain SEC games.

From 2014 to 2016, Power Rank predicted the winner in 72.7% of college football games (1651-619, doesn’t include cupcake FBS vs FCS games). Feng doesn’t predict FCS games, so some matchups won’t be listed below.

Here’s how The Power Rank sees the some of the SEC shaking out in Week 2:

  • Clemson will beat Auburn by 7.2 at home. Auburn has a 30% chance of beating Clemson.
  • Notre Dame will beat Georgia by 2.2 at home. Georgia has a 44% chance of beating Notre Dame.
  • TCU will beat Arkansas by 0.1 on the road. Arkansas has a 50% chance of beating TCU.
  • South Carolina will beat Missouri by 0.2 on the road. Missouri has a 49% chance of beating South Carolina.
  • Mississippi State will beat Louisiana Tech by 7.6 on the road. Louisiana Tech has a 29% chance of beating Mississippi State.
  • Alabama will beat Fresno State by 37.1 at home. Fresno State has a 1% chance of beating Alabama.