There are George Carlin’s infamous 7 words you can’t say during a broadcast.

There are unfortunate slips of the tongue. And then there are moments where announcers get a little too comfortable in the booth.

We’ll let you decide whether this sequence in the Cincinnati-East Carolina game fits into either of the latter two categories.

According to SB Nation, the CBS crew of Dan Hoard (play-by-play), Jim Kelly Jr. (color analyst) and Tony Pike (sideline reporter) broadcast this game. But Twitter seems to point the finger at Corey Chavous, a former NFL safety now providing analysis for CBS.

Whomever it is that you’re hearing in the following video was talking about a fourth-quarter Cincinnati drive, describing a “jerk route,” and … let’s just say, adding a little color.

Acceptable or not? Innocent or not? We aren’t sure what to think about either question: