No matter what line of work you are in or what sport you play, there are always going to be cheaters who try to bend (or break) the rules to their advantage.

College football is no different, as there have been a number of high-profile infractions over the years.

However, is cheating really as prevalent in college football as it seems, or is it just that the schools that get caught get a lot of attention?

CBS Sports asked one-fifth of the 130 active FBS coaches to share their thoughts on cheating in the sport, and one anonymous coach admitted he thinks the SEC cheats more than any other conference in college football:

“Out of the 130 FBS schools in FBS, I would say, in the SEC, 80 percent [knowingly cheat],” the coach said. “Everywhere else, about 20 percent.”

That coach didn’t speak for most of his colleagues, though, as 57 percent of the coaches surveyed think fewer than 10 percent of teams actually cheat.

Only four percent of the coaches surveyed said they believe more than 30 percent of teams break the rules.