How the 2020 college football season plays out is anyone’s guess. Right now, multiple scenarios are on the table from starting the season on time to moving it to spring. The season could also be delayed, or it could become a conference-only schedule.

The Ivy League announced Wednesday that it will move its football season to the spring; however, that doesn’t mean that Power 5 conferences will follow suit. The Power 5 will make every opportunity to play some sort of fall schedule, and moving it to spring would be considered last resort at this point. However, the coronavirus will dictate how this all plays out.

Tom Dienhart of spoke to a Big Ten head coach recently, and the coach thinks it ends up being a 10-game conference-only season.

“Yes, it hasn’t been officially decided,” said a Power 5 head coach. “We have a big meeting tomorrow (Thursday, July 9). But, yeah, it just seems to me that probably in the last week and a half, I could just kind of tell from the tone of our leadership that that’s the direction that they want it to go and felt most comfortable going. Nothing has been decided. Nothing’s official. But I would be surprised if it’s not that.”

Obviously, this could change, but college football insider Matt Hayes expressed similar sentiments Wednesday on social media.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has said many scenarios are on the table for the SEC, and playing an all-conference schedule specifically for 2020 wouldn’t be the worst for college football.