There was minimal turnover in both the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll as it pertains to SEC programs.

Tennessee left the Top-25 after a bad loss on the road to South Carolina. Aside from the Volunteers, the rest of the ranked SEC programs took care of business on the field this past Saturday.

Now that the two major polls have been released after Week 10 action, let’s compare them side by side:

Coaches PollAP Poll
1. Alabama1. Alabama
2. Clemson2. Michigan
3. Michigan3. Clemson
4. Washington4. Washington
5. Louisville5. Louisville
6. Ohio State6. Ohio State
7. Texas A&M7. Texas A&M
8. Wisconsin8. Wisconsin
9. Florida9. Nebraska
10. Nebraska10. Florida
11. Oklahoma11. Auburn
12. Auburn12. Oklahoma
13. Baylor13. Baylor
14. LSU14. West Virginia
15. West Virginia15. LSU
16. Utah16. Utah
17. North Carolina17. Western Michigan
18. Western Michigan18. North Carolina
19. Florida State19. Florida State
20. Colorado20. Penn State
21. Virginia Tech21. Colorado
22. Oklahoma State22. Oklahoma State
23. Penn State23. Virginia Tech
24. Boise State24. Boise State
25. Washington State25. Washington State