With Alabama leading way, eight SEC teams made an appearance within both the Coaches Poll and the AP Top-25 Poll.

Alabama is the only conference team within the top-10 of the Coaches Poll — as a glut of SEC programs find themselves within the next group of teams. Texas A&M registers at No. 10 within the AP Poll.

Now that the two major polls have been released after Week 4 action, let’s compare them side by side:

Coaches PollAP Poll
1. Alabama1. Alabama
2. Ohio State2. Ohio State
3. Clemson3. Louisville
4. Louisville4. Michigan
5. Michigan5. Clemson
6. Stanford6. Houston
7. Houston7. Stanford
8. Michigan State8. Michigan State
9. Washington9. Washington
10. Wisconsin10. Texas A&M
11. Georgia11. Wisconsin
12. Tennessee12. Georgia
13. Texas A&M13. Florida State
14. Florida State14. Tennessee
15. Baylor15. Miami
16. Florida16. Baylor
17. LSU17. Arkansas
18. Arkansas18. LSU
19. Miami19. Florida
20. Nebraska20. Nebraska
21. Ole Miss21. Texas
22. TCU22. San Diego St.
23. Utah23. Ole Miss
24. Texas24. Utah
25. Iowa25. Oklahoma