Arch Manning and the Isidore Newman squad are 4-0 this year. On Thursday night at 8 p.m. Eastern, Isidore Newman will take on fellow 4-0 squad St. Charles Catholic on NBC Sports Network.

Manning is the No. 1 player in the 2023 recruiting cycle, per the 247Sports composite rankings.

Naturally, many of the nation’s top schools are very interested in Manning. As he prepares for Thursday night’s game, here are 5 things to know about the star quarterback.

1. He (obviously) has good bloodlines

Archie Manning is Arch’s grandpa. Peyton and Eli are his uncles. Cooper is his dad. You know all that by now.

With that lineage, it’s no wonder he’s one of the most-touted high school prospects in recent memory.

Archie and Eli went to Ole Miss. Peyton went to Tennessee. Will Arch follow in any of their footsteps? Or, will he blaze his own trail?

2. He’s more of a running threat than his famous uncles

Manning has a cannon for an arm. No one is denying that. But unlike Peyton and Eli, who were (more or less) statues in the pocket, Arch is showing a knack for making big plays with his legs, too.

Check out this run from a couple of weeks ago:

Now, don’t get it wrong — Manning’s arm is his bread and butter. But, at least for now, he’s also a threat with his legs. That’s only going to help him in today’s college football.

3. Until recently, he was the only person Lane Kiffin followed on Instagram

Lane Kiffin now follows 46 accounts on his Instagram page. But, up until recently, the Ole Miss coach only followed Manning.

Let’s just say current Ole Miss QB Matt Corral wasn’t having that. After news broke of Kiffin following only Manning, the Heisman frontrunner called out his coach on his own Instagram. Now, Kiffin also follows Corral (and some other Ole Miss players and accounts).

4. He has already visited Georgia and Alabama

Manning was on hand for Georgia’s big win over South Carolina in Week 3. He then visited Alabama for a 42-21 win over Ole Miss in Week 5. Upcoming on his schedule are visits to Ole Miss on Oct. 23 and Clemson on Oct. 30, so his weekend plans are starting to take shape.

But first, he has another visit on his schedule for this week …

5. He’s visiting Texas this weekend

After Thursday night’s game, Manning will recover and then head to Austin for the Longhorns’ showdown against undefeated Oklahoma State at noon Eastern time on Saturday.

The Longhorns are considered one of the favorites to land Manning’s commitment, so we’ll see if they can put on a good show for him on Saturday.