On the set of the SEC Network at SEC Media Days, Herschel Walker introduced a story, but wasn’t sure if he could share it, or if it was really true.

Then, on a podium alongside Archie Manning and Steve Spurrier to promote a new film, “Saturdays in the South: A History of SEC Football,” Walker nodded to Manning to share the story, and Manning took it from there as he recalled a time when his wife was pregnant with a son, who was, of course, ultimately named Eli.

“This is a true story,” Manning said. “It was the Sugar Bowl (after the 1980 season). We asked the other two boys what we should name this new baby that was coming along and I think it was Cooper who said, ‘We should name him Herschel Walker Manning.'”

Then Walker interjected, “I think you should change it today.”

The film is set to air on eight consecutive Tuesdays on the SEC Network at 9 p.m. ET, beginning Sept. 3. It coincides with the celebration of college football’s 150th anniversary during the 2019 season.