Playing bigger opponents is big money for smaller schools, as they sign contracts to visit powerhouse programs to keep their athletic departments afloat.

This year, though, Arkansas State has yet to get their payment from a game that was scheduled against Miami, as the contest was canceled by Hurricane Irma.

Now, according to, Arkansas State is prepared to sue Miami if the $650,000 sum isn’t paid by Thursday:

A letter released to Region 8 News from A-State indicates Miami must pay the Red Wolves $650,000 by Thursday, Feb. 15. The amount was based on a contract signed between the universities in 2013.

ASU System General Counsel Brad Phelps released a statement saying he hopes the situation doesn’t have to go to court, but put the onus on Miami to pay up:

It is very unfortunate that we have been unable to resolve this matter, and we remain hopeful this can be worked out without the need for litigation. Ultimately that will be up to the University of Miami.

This is an unfortunate situation, and we’ll have to wait and see if the two sides reach an agreement by Thursday’s deadline.