And the award for the SEC’s most miserable fan base goes to… Arkansas. 

ESPN released a list on Tuesday ranking college football’s happiest – and saddest – fan bases. The rankings are measured on program power, rivalry dominance, coaching stability, recruiting trend, revenue growth and Twitter buzz.

The Razorbacks came in at No. 93 out of 128 schools and were classified overall as “disappointed.”

“For a relatively strong program, Razorbacks fans seem to be a bit disgruntled,” the article said. “The SEC West can do that.”

Don’t feel too bad, Hog fans. Ole Miss (No. 92) and Texas A&M (No. 91) are right there with you in terms of depression.

Mississippi State was No. 79 on the list, while Tennessee came in at No. 66. The overall mood for the Vols is, apparently, “skeptical.”

South Carolina was No. 63, with Kentucky at No. 62 and Vanderbilt at No. 60. The rest of the SEC schools made the Top 40, so they could be considered fairly happy as opposed to the previously mentioned miserable schools.

Florida and Auburn are “content” at No. 38 and No. 33, respectively, while Missouri comes in at No. 28 and fourth overall in the SEC (a bit of a head-scratcher when looking at Mizzou’s low attendance numbers).

Now for the really happy schools… LSU comes in “elated” at No. 20 with Georgia just ahead of the Tigers at No. 18.

At No. 3 overall and leading the way for the SEC, unsurprisingly, is Alabama.