For just the seventh time, we get a rematch in the SEC Championship Game when Auburn and Georgia square off for Round 2 Saturday in Atlanta.

Auburn convincingly won Round 1, 40-17, three weeks ago on The Plains.

Just once has the team that lost the regular season matchup reversed course and gained revenge in the SEC title game. In 2001, Tennessee beat LSU in the regular season but lost to the Tigers in December in the SEC championship.

So while SEC history favors Auburn, SEC history never tried to tackle Nick Chubb on a cutback.

Who wins Saturday and guarantees its spot in the Playoff? That’s something we’ve been discussing all week.

Connor O’Gara, senior national columnist: I went back and forth on this all week. I started by thinking that there was no way that Georgia could flip a 23-point deficit that quickly. I told myself that Auburn exploited all of Georgia’s weaknesses and history was destined to repeat itself. Then I thought about the fact that Auburn hasn’t exactly been dominant away from Jordan-Hare, and if Kerryon Johnson is anything less than 100 percent, that Auburn offense has some serious question marks at the tailback position.

But then I came back to the belief that the Auburn defense just held Georgia and Alabama to an average of 15.5 points. It still has the pass-rushers and the run-stopping defensive line that gave the Dawgs fits a few short weeks ago. I can’t see the Georgia offense imposing its will on Auburn and racking up 250 yards on the ground. I think both defenses do the heavy lifting in this one, but Auburn pulls out a thriller … with or without Johnson. Auburn 17, Georgia 14

Jon Cooper, director of operations: Auburn is the hottest team in the country. Yes, the offense is explosive with Jarrett Stidham and Ryan Davis, but the defense is just as dominant, particularly the defensive line and pass rush. Much will be made about Kerryon Johnson not being 100 percent Saturday, but I’m not sure it’s going to matter, because the defense is what is going to win this game.

I really like Georgia (and it can certainly win), but for Saturday’s game, I’m going with the hottest team in the country, Auburn. The Tigers beat the Bulldogs 24-20.

Michael Bratton, news editor: There isn’t a hotter team in the nation right now than Auburn. With or without Johnson, it appears he will play at this point, the Tigers should win this game thanks to the team’s advantage on the line of scrimmage.

Georgia was dominated on the line of scrimmage on Nov. 11 and nothing should change less than a month later in this matchup. The home field did play a factor in the previous matchup, but it wasn’t the difference in the game. Even if more Georgia fans show up for the game, Auburn will prove the first game was no fluke. Auburn 38 Georgia 20.

Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Spencer, Georgia beat reporter: It sounds like Johnson is going to try to play, which is a big boost for Auburn, as he tore the Bulldogs apart in the first meeting. However, even if the Heisman candidate can’t go, it’ll be tough for Georgia to win.

Auburn’s defense showed it can slow down the Bulldogs’ loaded backfield, holding Nick Chubb, Sony Michel and company to a measly 46 yards last time around. Though I expect Georgia to fare better on the ground on Saturday, it will be tough for the Dawgs to control the game that way. Auburn 27, Georgia 23.

Clint Lamb, Auburn beat reporter: This game could be decided by one thing: Johnson’s availability. If he’s healthy enough to not just play, but be somewhat effective, it’s going hard for Georgia to win.

If Johnson can’t go, however, that will shift more of the pressure onto Stidham. He played great against Alabama last week, but can he continue to shoulder the load two weeks in a row?

The Tigers’ run game didn’t find much success outside of a couple of big plays, and Georgia’s defense is itching for the chance to redeem themselves after giving up 488 yards to Auburn in Week 11.

Georgia’s offense against Auburn’s defense will play a role, but this could come down to how much of a repeat performance the Tigers’ offense can do against the Bulldogs’ defense. Auburn 27, Georgia 20

Chris Wright, executive editor: Nobody likes Georgia, huh? I suppose if the Dawgs win, they can accurately claim nobody (here, at least) believed in them.

We’ve written plenty this week about how and why Round 2 won’t replicate Round 1, certainly not in terms of the margin.

But the manner in which Auburn shut down Georgia has to worry Dawgs fans. It’s not like that young Georgia offensive line gained 25 pounds of muscle and three years’ of experience in 3 weeks. Keeping Jeff Holland away from Jake Fromm is still going to be an issue.

What options does Jim Chaney have? Fromm already throws plenty of slants. It’s nice to say you’re going to take more deep shots, but that’s hard to do with two edge rushers in your face.

Georgia’s best chance is to knock out Johnson early or hope he can’t go at all. He is an absolute game-changer. If Auburn falls behind early and can’t turn to Johnson, then the Dawgs can unleash their front four, which, you know, still is pretty good.

The gap between these teams isn’t as large as the scoreboard in Jordan-Hare indicated. But the gap between the SEC West and SEC East might be. At the end of the day, I’m leaning on that history. That Auburn’s still the more physical team, that Georgia won’t be able to string together 3 scoring drives of 60 or more yards.

Auburn 31, Georgia 20 if Johnson is healthy. Auburn 20-17 if he isn’t.