As the college football season continues during COVID-19, there are many potential challenges and hurdles for each SEC team. One of the main obstacles is simply having reliable information as to the case numbers for opposing teams.

Auburn coach Gus Malzahn and Missouri coach Eliah Drinkwitz are calling for additional transparency as it pertains to COVID-19 test results.

Both cited their displeasure with the current system during a Wednesday coaches conference call.

“To me, transparency is really good, so I’d be all for that,” Malzahn said to 247Sports’ Nathan King.

Drinkwitz told St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Dave Matter that the inconsistency stems from not having a set protocol across the board in the conference.

“I really don’t know what’s going on in the league as far as COVID or COVID-related numbers,” Drinkwitz said. “There’s no uniform system on how we report it or (how) people talk about it. I don’t know other than when coaches have said something (about their cases). Each week we have no idea what’s going on with other teams. So, it’s kind of a free for all as far as that goes.”

Drinkwitz stopped short of demanding a weekly summary of COVID-19 cases for each program and was quick last week to explain his desire for transparency is for safety. Missouri had numerous players missing due to COVID-19 during their season-opening loss against Alabama.

“It’s not a competitive advantage issue,” Drinkwitz said to Matter. “This is not an injury that we’re trying to keep (quiet). This is a public health issue. People should know what’s going on within our football team as it relates to a pandemic.”

We’ll see what the SEC decides to do about this moving forward.