Unless you’ve blocked it out of your memory, if you applied to college, you should remember taking the SAT or the ACT.

The scores you received on these two tedious examinations had a large influence over where you would get accepted. Generally speaking, the better the institution, the higher your score needs to be. Flipping that equation around, looking at the average range of scores accepted at a university gives prospective students an indication of just how selective or “good” that school is.

The Princeton Review features information on relating to the SAT and ACT scores for each university’s admitted students. We’ve pulled out the average scoring range for each SEC school and listed them below.

*The SAT is made up of three sections. The highest possible score for each section is 800. The highest possible score for the ACT is 36.

School SAT Reading SAT Math SAT Writing ACT
Alabama 490-620 500-630 480-600 22-31
Arkansas 500-610 510-620 N/A 23-28
Auburn 520-630 530-645 520-610 24-30
Florida 580-670 590-690 580-670 26-31
Georgia 570-660 570-670 570-660 26-30
Kentucky 490-620 510-640 480-610 22-28
LSU 500-600 510-630 N/A 23-28
Mississippi State 490-630 500-640 N/A 21-28
Missouri 520-650 530-660 N/A 23-28
Ole Miss 480-590 490-590 N/A 21-27
South Carolina 540-630 550-650 N/A 24-29
Tennessee 520-630 530-640 N/A 24-29
Texas A&M 510-640 550-670 480-610 23-30
Vanderbilt 710-780 720-800 680-770 32-34

Before college, your score on the SAT/ACT was everything. It seemed to symbolize the worth of your existence, put a quantity on your future success. In reality, a score on a standardized test is a woefully inadequate way to measure the quality of a college education or the caliber of a human being.