Ever wonder what college football would look like if the Bowl Championship System was still in place? Well, one Twitter account can provide the answers to that question.

BCSKnowHow still keeps track of how the BCS rankings would look if the system was still in place. The BCS, which relied on polls and computer selection methods, used to determine which two teams would play for the national championship at the end of the season.

On Monday, this account released its first simulated BCS rankings of the season. And it looks a bit different from the polls.

While Alabama is still No. 1, the BCS simulation has Ohio State at No. 2, meaning these two teams would currently be in position to play for the national title under the old system. The Buckeyes are currently ranked No. 4 behind LSU and Clemson in the AP and Coaches polls.

Here’s the full BCS simulation:

Outside of Ohio State being two spots higher, the teams at the top of the rankings are fairly similar to the AP and Coaches polls.

Of course, this BCS simulation doesn’t matter, as the College Football Playoff selection committee will be the ones responsible deciding which four teams will make the playoff and have the opportunity to potentially play for the national title at the end of the season.