The dozen members of the College Football Playoff committee have been sleeping pretty well lately. They’re not really having to stress over too much so far these first two weeks.

Three of their four playoff spots seem very easy. Clemson is a clear-cut No. 1, followed by Alabama and then Ohio State. The fourth spot is a little murky, but that’s all going to work itself out in the next few weeks.

Sleep tight, voters.

But oh, for the good ol’ days. The old BCS computers worked 24/7 and didn’t require any sleep. Or meal money. They gurgled millions of bits of data and kicked out two teams to play in the national championship game.

Everyone else was left to go home and cry.

In SEC country, we would be having fun with the BCS ratings this week. The computers, though no longer in the playoff mix themselves, still kick out rankings. And if they counted, Clemson would be No. 1, with one-loss Alabama a close second.

Ohio State, the undefeated defending national champions,  would be left out in the cold, having to settle for a Rose Bowl berth against a weak Pac-12 champion that no one outside of Ohio would have cared about.

Wouldn’t that have been fun?

Down South, there are many fan bases that love watching Urban Meyer whine and squirm. Many may not be a strong enough word. How about all of them throughout the SEC? Florida fans hate him for leaving, every other SEC school hates him for what he did while at Florida.

If it had played out that way on the BCS computers, here’s what they’d be asking in Ohio:

  • Why the heck is it that Alabama always gets a pass when they lose? Buckeyes fans just never understand why it is that the Crimson Tide can lose to a three-loss Ole Miss team and not get criticized one bit.  Alabama lost to Ole Miss, which lost to Memphis, which is in in third place in some league called the American Athletic Conference. What the heck is that?
  • Why can’t you all – no self-respecting chili/spaghetti eating, Yuengling-drinking, tire-making Ohioan would ever say y’all – understand we never lose: Since Urban Meyer arrived in Columbus, he is 48-3, good for a .941 winning percentage. He has won all 30 regular-season Big Ten games he’s coached, an NCAA record Meyer just broke last week (Florida State’s Bobby Bowden had 29 in the ACC from 1992-95).
  • Why can’t you all understand that Urban is a better coach than Nicky Saban? Sure they’re 2-2 head’s up over the years, but Urban won that game that mattered last year in the playoffs. Nicky Boy might have four national titles, but Urban’s going to have at least 10 before he retires at Ohio State. Urban is 48-3 in his last 51 games and Saban is only 45-6. That’s way behind.

And here’s what we’d be saying down South:

  • Ohio State hasn’t beaten a ranked team all year: The Buckeyes are 10-0 but have played a brutally soft schedule. Their four nonconference foes are a combined 20-21 – Northern Illinois from the MAC is the best at 7-3 – and the six Big Ten teams they’ve played so far have all lost at least four games but for Penn State (7-3), who’s horrible. None of the 10 opponents have even been ranked a single week all season.
  • And with that easy schedule, Ohio State has still struggled: It’s hard to win ugly every week and still go 10-0 but that’s about what the Buckeyes have done. Cardelle Jones, the 2014 playoff hero, has been horrible at quarterback. Northern Illinois had them beat and let it slip away. Same for Indiana, and they’ve lost six in a row. Even the Minnesota win was a battle. The Buckeyes have done nothing to impress people except for waving their 2014 championship rings around.
  • Lastly, the SEC’s annual go-to line – that the Big Ten stinks: You’ll never get a single self-respecting, grit-eating, biscuit-baking Southerner to say anything nice about Big Ten football. And why would they?