There are plenty of great college towns around the SEC, and now they’ve been ranked by a web site called Best College Reviews.

Here’s the description of what was considered: There are a lot of things that have to click to make a truly great college town. Whether it’s feeling the palpable vibe of an alma mater, having tons to do, or the fact that your college town is a great place to stay after you’ve graduated, we’ve worked to provide you with a quality list of the best college towns in the nation.

What was considered: Livability, student-to-resident ratio, cultural offerings, school presence and large employers.

From the rankings, SEC teams included are Florida, at No. 11, Kentucky, at No. 19, and Texas A&M, at No. 21, were the SEC towns that made the ranking of top 25 towns. Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Cornell and Iowa State made the top 5 in that order. Of course, SEC fans will likely quickly point out that Oxford, Mississippi and Athens, Georgia were 2 of the biggest misses from SEC country. Fayetteville, Arkansas is another likely miss in this ranking.