The SEC has some great uniforms when it comes to football, from Ole Miss’s powder blue helmets to Georgia’s iconic red and black jerseys to Alabama’s classic, simple look to Florida’s blue and orange to whatever creative combo Mizzou is wearing on any given week to any other number of creative uniforms in the league.

However, on Tuesday night during ESPN’s “College Football 2021: The Power Rankings” show, no SEC uniforms were ranked in the top 5 best current uniforms.

You can see the list of 5 schools below:

Here’s the list of best uniforms ESPN put together:

  • No. 1 — Notre Dame
  • No. 2 — Michigan
  • No. 3 — Penn State
  • No. 4 — USC
  • No. 5 — Oregon

How do you have Penn State’s uniform on there and not Alabama’s? They’re both simple, classic looks.

All of the schools mentioned have great uniforms, no doubt, but the SEC has plenty of tradition in that area, too.