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What happens when you lose a shoe? You take a dive of course! Well played, Bowling Green. They still lost the game.

Bobby Petrino took his Louisville squad to take on the well hyped Auburn Tigers. They also lost the game (you’ll notice a trend here), and the internet world had some fun with Bobby Petrino during the game:

Muschamp and Kiffin won’t square off for several months, but it doesn’t mean the internet can’t anticipate this Twitter breaking matchup:

The Grove is known for its tailgating, and yes, that means some folks get intoxicated.

Nick Saban has some intense eyes, but one man replaced those eyes with something even creepier:

It never rains in Death Valley? Ooops..

Kyler Murray looked like Baby Manziel at times, but in the end, Kyle Allen did his thing and won the game for the Aggies.

Perhaps even more importantly

A classic photo bomb involving teenagers is always noteworthy.

Mizzou fans, we expect better than this:

Looking outside the conference, I don’t even know what to say about this: