This season brought a lot of great memes that will certainly be shared well into next year. Each week, we’re going to take a look back at some of our favorites for the individual teams. Here are the best South Carolina memes from 2015:

Gamecock visit Tenn MEME

Drinking Gamecock MEME

Cocktastrophe MEME

Shock a Gamecock MEME

Elliott Hulk Smash MEME

Steve Harvey Winner is SC MEME

SC Women BBall Soon MEME

Muschamp Baby pic MEME

Thought Muschamp Good Idea MEME

You Went Full Muschamp MEME

Obama vs Muschamp MEME

Muschamp to SC not UGA MEME

Muschamp No One Will Know MEME

Spurrier Arby's Spokesman MEME

Spurrier Deal With It MEME

Bye Felicia MEME

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