This season brought a lot of great memes that will certainly be shared well into next year. Each week, we’re going to take a look back at some of our favorites for the individual teams. Here are the best Tennessee memes from 2015:

Butch Bad 4Q Decisions MEME

Butch Field Goal Half Yard Line MEME

Peyton Nationwide jingle MEME

Tennessee Zippers MEME

Building UT Brick by MEME

BTTF Tennessee MEME

BTTF UT Never Gonna MEME

UT fans Richard Simmons MEME

Tell Me Again Turn UT Around MEME

UT Bowl Eligble Team MEME

UT Calm Down MEME

Dooley Part 2 MEME

Experts Picked UT MEME

Mean Green MEME

UT Checkerboard MEME

UT brags about UK MEME

UT Rebuild MEME

UT Wait Til Next Year MEME

Butch Moral Victories MEME


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