College football fans love it when celebrities throw on the team colors and make public appearances supporting their various teams. But, not all of the celebrities fans are a win for fans.

We analyze the best and worst celebrity fans around the SEC.

The Best Celebrity Fans

Darius Rucker: South Carolina

This man founded the GREATEST BAND OF THE 21ST CENTURY known as Hootie and the Blowfish in 1986 while attending South Carolina. Ok, maybe not the greatest band, but for my money, it doesn’t get much better than the 1994 hit song Let Her Cry. Rucker has had a great second act as a country soloist, and he’s been the biggest celebrity fan during South Carolina football’s golden age. Plus, Rucker has shown he’s got some good hands:

George H.W. Bush: Texas A&M

Regardless of your politics, it’s hard to find someone more accomplished that Bush 41. As a young man, he was shot down over the Pacific and narrowly escaped Japanese torture and cannibalism. He ran the CIA, was Reagan’s VP and ultimately became the President of the United States. His Presidential Library sits on the Texas A&M campus in College Station, Texas.

Katy Perry: Ole Miss

Okay, maybe she’s not a true fan. But she was a star during GameDay last year, and while SEC fans may know plenty about Oxford, Miss., Perry helped the school and city shine on the national stage. The videos that surfaced of her chugging beers in the local bars 12 hours later helped push the event into legendary status.

John Daly: Arkansas

Razorbacks pullover with American flag pants? Enough said.

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Channing Tatum: Alabama

It appears that Magic Mike himself prefers Alabama over Auburn (confirmed in this interview (warning: language). He might not be as die hard as Melissa Joan Hart, but we’ll give props to the Cullman, Alabama native. Honorable mention to Courtney Cox as well.

Marcus Luttrell: Alabama

Ok, Luttrell isn’t really an Alabama fan (as far as we know), but if I were an Alabama fan, I would claim him anyways. Luttrell is one of the baddest men on the planet, and he’s now connected to the Crimson Tide after his incredible speech he gave to Saban’s team last season. The speech came after Luttrell served as the celebrity guest picker on College GameDay from Tuscaloosa.

Tim Cook: Auburn

The CEO of Apple has too much on his plate to be too big of a fan, but the simple fact that he’s got “Fan of Auburn football” on his Twitter profile puts him on the list. Cook received his undergraduate degree from Auburn.

Kyle Chandler: Georgia

I refuse to acknowledge Kyle Chandler as any other character than Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights (no offense to his nice work on the Netflix original series Bloodline). Chandler attended the University of Georgia before getting into television. If Mark Richt gets canned, my vote is for Coach Taylor.

Sheryl Crow: Mizzou

Sheryl Crow is a star, and she’s also an asset for the University of Missouri helping out with videos such as this:

David Price: Vanderbilt

The stud pitcher once did a bullpen session in a full Vanderbilt football uniform including the helmet which makes him probably the Vandy fan ever.

Ashley Judd: Kentucky

Ask someone to name a famous Kentucky fan, and nine out of ten will name Ashley Judd. She gets plenty of attention during basketball game broadcasts, and she even has a page on her website dedicated to being a UK fan!

The Worst Celebrity Fans

Ashley Judd: Kentucky

She has a page on her website dedicated to being a UK fan! We get it! You love the ‘Cats!

Kenny Chesney: Tennessee, South Carolina and a few others

Chesney was born in Knoxville, and attended school at East Tennessee State. I love Chesney, but he’s got to pick a team. He produced the Steve Spurrier “Believer” documentary for ESPN, and has been known to hang around Columbia, S.C. Then the next week, he’ll be on the sidelines at Neyland. C’mon Kenny!

Samuel L. Jackson: Georgia

If Samuel L. Jackson is playing the part of a Georgia fan, he does a nice job. In one sense, it’s impressive that he stays in character during his passionate tweets. Jackson attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. I’m a SLJ fan, but the fatigue over tweets like the below can set in pretty quickly:

Ric Flair: Florida

Ric Flair did not attend Florida, but supposedly one of his four wives did. Regardless, he’s been known as a Gators fan over the years and has made appearances on the sideline during football games in the past. He even donned some Gators boxers during a WCW event.

Jonathan Papelbon: Mississippi State

A week after Katy Perry rocked Oxford, Papelbon attempted an encore in Starkville, Miss. It’s not entirely his fault because there was very little chance that the event would surpass the previous week, but Papelbon’s appearance on GameDay was still pretty awful: