College football is an all-day affair, yet somehow it’s impossible to catch all of the moments worth seeing.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. While you’re out celebrating a win or forgetting a loss, take a moment and enjoy some of the best, craziest, worst and dumbest moments of another college football Saturday.


Alabama scoring in all phases of the game: The Crimson Tide are better at scoring non-offensive touchdowns than some programs are at scoring on offense. Alabama has 11 non-offensive touchdowns this season, which is more than the entirety of South Carolina’s offense. Seven Crimson Tide defensive starters have scored at least one touchdown this season. It’s just not even fair anymore.

Florida’s two pick-sixes: Jalen “Teez” Tabor and Quincy Wilson have a bit of a friendly competition going on to see who is the better defender. Against Missouri, there was a clear loser: Drew Lock.

Lock threw two interceptions, one to Tabor and one to Wilson, and each was returned for a touchdown. The defensive competition is ongoing, which isn’t good news for opposing offenses.

Brandon Reilly’s incredible catch for Nebraska: Big Ten football is usually considered devout of explosive plays by those SEC fans who watch real football. Saturday presented a rare example that sometimes fate can intervene and create something truly awesome.

Against Indiana, Nebraska Brandon Reilly showed great focus to make what might have been the catch of the day.

Henre’ Toliver’s one-handed interception: Not to be outdone by Tabor, Wilson or Reilly, Arkansas defender Henre’ Toliver decided to show them all up in one slick moment.

He also gets bonus points for having a truly awesome name.

Alabama’s cigar party: As is tradition in the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry, the winner gets to celebrate with victory cigars. That’s a pretty unique and cool tradition, and it’s safe to say the Crimson Tide more than earned it.


Gary Danielson’s robe jacket: *Gary Danielson arises to find the sun is already high in the sky after spending all night at yet another “We’re going to miss you, Verne!” party. He checks his watch, which distressingly reveals the time is 2:15 p.m. “My goodness!” Gary exclaims, surprisingly. Having misplaced his seersucker suit while accompanying Peyton Manning at a Midnight Yacht Party on the Tennessee River (sponsored by Papa Johns), Gary grabs the closest thing he can find and scurries out to the stadium.*

That’s really the only plausible explanation for showing up at work wearing this …

Credit the quick-thinking Manning for asking Danielson if Lionel Richie were with him. Manning, of course, wears a robe for one of his many commercials, including one that features Richie singing in the background.

Georgia’s fourth-down play-calling: Although Vanderbilt stifled the running game for most of the afternoon – yes, you read that correctly – the general belief is that if Nick Chubb is in your backfield, you give him the ball.

On a critical 4th-and-1, Georgia lined Chubb up at fullback and used him as a lead blocker for Isaiah McKenzie, who received the ball on a toss sweep. Chubb never made a block and McKenzie was stopped short of the first down, costing Georgia the game.

Urban Meyer takes a shot to the face: Coaches are told to stay away from the field so as not to interfere with play or draw a penalty. At least, that’s what NCAA officials would have you believe.

The real reason is so that referees are free to practice their sick air-guitar strumming without fear of hurting their hand. Urban Meyer learned this lesson the hard way.

The referee then penalizes Meyer for ruining his overly-aggressive gesturing. Power move, ref. Power move.

No. 3 Clemson survives after a missed field by N.C. State: This is a tough one for N.C. State, which missed a 33-yard field goal that would have given the program its latest upset over a highly-ranked ACC team. Instead, this happened…

Clemson won 24-17 in overtime, which was proceeded by possibly the most confusing post-game tradition in sports. Tigers fans are allowed on the field after wins, but Clemson either needs to blow out every opponent for the rest of time or get rid of that rule. Otherwise, Twitter is going to continue to be very confused.

The craziest 24-yard loss of the week: If someone could go ahead and put some wacky background music to this, that’d be great.