If you’re looking to raise the ire of college football fans, one fool-proof method is to criticize the fight song of those fans’ teams. That’s not our intention here, still it is understood that it will no doubt be the result.

Yet, undaunted, we move forward and give you the best and worst fight songs in the SEC.


  1. Alabama – Maybe it’s because we here it so much (it’s played after every touchdown), like a hit record we keep hearing over and over again. It’s one of the most, if not the most, iconic fight song in college football. Alabama’s fight song mixes tradition with inspiration for the best fight song in the SEC. And that’s a good thing, because their other anthem, Rammer Jammer, is arguably the most obnoxious and conference-embarrassing song in sports. What makes it so? It’s played after every Alabama victory … and we hear it constantly.
  2. Tennessee – Perhaps no song in sports identifies with its team like Rocky Top and the Tennessee Vols. That’s the very definition of a great fight song. Is it cheesy? Yep. Is it annoying? Only from beginning to end of every football game they’ve ever played. But when it comes to fight songs, this one parallels those soccer fight songs where fans rock the stadium with chorus after chorus.
  3. Texas A&M – College football is all about tradition. There isn’t a more tradition-rich battle hymn than the Aggies fight song. If it doesn’t send chills down your spine when the horns strike up the band, check your emotions — you may want to adjust your medication. Sans the goofy swaying and randomly placed “whoops,” this is as quality a fight song as there is.

Honorable mention (alphabetically): ArkansasKentuckyMississippi State

I also like: AuburnLSUSouth Carolina


  1. Ole Miss — Absolutely disgraceful. To go from the best fight song in sports and a solid mascot, to the politically correct garbage this institution tries to pass off as a fight song, is sad and pathetic. This song wouldn’t inspire the ballroom dance team (if it had one). That’s to say nothing of the mascot: Black Bears? Really? Wouldn’t want to confuse them with grizzlies or browns, amirite? Shame on you Ole Miss for succumbing to the noise.
  2. Missouri – It’s a long way to Tipperary, and it’s a long stretch that this is a fight song. The SEC should have rejected this institution’s addition to the conference based solely on its choice of songs. Seriously, any lather worked up for a game would instantly dry up once this song greeted the team. This is supposed to be the “Show Me” state; well, “Show Me” something better.
  3. Georgia – C’mon Georgia, really? You’re better than that. Come up with something original. It’s your school’s fight song for goodness sake. I’m good with patriotic songs, but do them before the game, not as your team’s most recognizable song. Slightly jazzing up an old battle hymn shows a sincere lack of imagination that only detracts from a fine and proud institution.

(Dis)Honorable mention (alphabetical order): FloridaVanderbilt