The Big 12 is currently scrambling as it appears likely that both Texas and Oklahoma are leaving the conference to join the SEC.

Losing both programs would be devastating to the Big 12 but it could create a great opportunity for some of the better Group of 5 schools to finally make the jump to the Power 5 level.

That’s what ESPN is reporting as the Big 12 has already started to consider the possibility of adding UCF, Houston, Cincinnati and/or BYU to the league.

According to ESPN, even if Texas and Oklahoma don’t leave the Big 12, the league is willing to consider expansion.

Here are the details of ESPN’s reporting:

During Thursday’s meeting, conference officials also scratched the surface on discussions of what the Big 12 might do if OU and Texas left, and one source said that included looking into whether there were other Power 5 programs that might want to join, or if schools like UCF, Houston, Cincinnati or BYU might make good additions. There was some appetite in the meeting for possibly adding two teams even if OU and Texas decide to stay.

None of those conversations gained significant traction, though, because the next step is figuring out the intents of OU and Texas — and their motivation.