Big 12 commissioner releases statement after meeting with Oklahoma, Texas presidents

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby announced Sunday that the conference’s executive committee met with the presidents of Oklahoma and Texas.

Bowlsby issued a press release:

The Big 12 Conference Executive Committee, consisting of Big 12 Board of Directors chairman and Texas Tech University President Lawrence Schovanec and Baylor University President Linda Livingstone; and Commissioner Bob Bowlsby met by video conference Sunday afternoon with University of Oklahoma President Joe Harroz and University of Texas President Jay Hartzell.

“The meeting was cordial, and the Executive Committee expressed a willingness to discuss proposals that would strengthen the Conference and be mutually beneficial to OU and UT, as well as the other member institutions of the Conference,” Bowlsby stated in the release. “I expect that we will continue our conversations in the days ahead and we look forward to discussing thoughts, ideas and concepts that may be of shared interest and impact.”

The statement does not detail what “proposals” could be discussed.

On Saturday, Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports

reported that the conference had come up with a new revenue-sharing plan to entice Oklahoma a

nd Texas to stay in the Big 12 instead of leaving for the SEC:

[G]rant the Longhorns and Sooners an additional half-share annually (1.5 shares each), bumping their payouts to approximately $56 million per year. The other eight schools would decrease their payouts accordingly. Big 12 schools currently average $37 million in annual TV rights earnings, including revenue from bowl games and the NCAA Tournament.

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  • Texas and Oklahoma would still make significantly more in the SEC than they ever will in the Big 12. In regards to giving OU & Texas 1.5 of revenue shares, y’all should check out the top post right now on Reddit/CFB, where it’s explained that’s just not a feasible solution at all. The Big 12 is done for. I think WVU goes to the ACC, Iowa State/Kansas Big Ten, TCU/Baylor/OK State/Texas Tech PAC-12 which becomes the PAC-16, while K-State gets the short end of the stick in the new AAC.

    • If the BIG10 takes those 2 schools they will be the conference of cupcakes. They pretty much already are, but they have not admitted a program that could compete since Penn State, and you add those with the cupcakes already there and almost every weekend is an open date.

      • I think Iowa State is on the rise and would be a logical addition with the Iowa rivalry. They are also an AAU school, which is important to the B1G, even for a sports conference. I think you are correct that they have expanded their footprint while lowering the quality of the product. They need to convince or override Ohio State an invite Cincy. They are the best available in the area.

        • Iowa State and Kansas both are AAU institutions, and they regionally fit and Iowa State being in the Big Ten would give Iowa the opportunity to schedule other power five teams for home and homes. The Cyhawk series is currently scheduled through the late 2030s, so Iowa will probably lobby for them to be in the Big Ten so they don’t become a G5 school. Kansas brings a basketball brand and the Big Ten network to the Kansas City market, as I’m not sure the Big Ten network is available there, which would increase revenue payouts. If the Big Ten expands, they are the logical to choices even if they don’t bring much football wise. I imagine Nebraska wouldn’t mind having two former members of the big eight in the conference as well, they’d probably like that. And Baylor and TCU are both on track to becoming research 1 institutions by the mid 2020s(Tech & OSU already are R1 schools), so the Pac-12 would probably waive the requirement on that, as well as the fact it would bring the PAC-12 network to the Dallas-Ft worth, Houston, & Austin tv markets, meaning more money. West Virginia might go to the ACC for football only because I doubt Notre Dame will join fully, especially if eight at-large members for the college football playoff are available when it expands, and I believe the North Carolina schools don’t want West Virginia as a full member. They might add Cincinnati is a full number, wow West Virginia parks their basketball and other programs in the Big East. That way, the ACC would have 16 teams and all sports oh, Cincinnati it’s into A good conference, and West Virginia doesn’t lose out. If expansion happens with all conferences, that is how it should logically play out, but who knows what direction this is headed.



      Honestly I feel this is all about getting more money from the big 12. I don't believe that OU or Texas wants any part of the SEC football schedule. I could be wrong. But why would OU suddenly want to play in the SEC after all this time? Especially since they get so much love from the playoff committee where they are!!! It's like saying. Well we are easily the best where we are and the committee loves us. We make the playoffs most every year. But I think we need tougher competition and we need to make it hard on ourselves.

      There is already talk of expanding the playoffs to 12 or more teams. Someone please help me understand why they want to come to the SEC? When it was still just 4 teams. As long as they win their easy conference with only 1 loss. They always get in. So why the sudden rush to get into the SEC?

      If it's real I can only think of one reason. NIL. Because Saban mentioned his QB getting a million dollar offer. WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT!!!!!! SABAN IS TOTALLY AGAINST RAT POISON AND BRAGGING ON PLAYERS. HE HASN'T NAMED A STARTER YET. SO WHY MAKE IT HARD TO BENCH BRYCE YOUNG SHOULD HE NEED TO???

      If that million dollar offer was real and again I DOUBT IT. But if it is. Saban is now FORCED TO PLAY BRYCE YOUNG. BECAUSE HIS FAMILY WOULDN'T ALLOW SABAN TO BENCH HIM AND COST HIM THAT NIL MONEY!!!!!


      I think it was a lie aimed at recruits. To make Alabama seem more appealing for NIL MONEY!!! Maybe OU and Texas star players said. Hey we are going to transfer to the SEC and not miss the big bucks. That is the only way I see it as being real!!!!!

      I said it before and say it again. That is totally UN SABAN LIKE!!!! It could spell the end of Saban's career. Maybe he just no longer cares what he says. MAYBE HE IS TRYING TO PULL IN A HIGH PROFILE QB VIA THE PORTAL!!!!! He offered to allow an average QB to come in and compete for the STARTING ROLE THIS SEASON. They didn't choose Alabama. But if Saban was totally happy with his QBs. Would he even think of bringing in a transfer and potentially PUSHING ONE OF THE 3 OUT? INCLUDING THE POSSIBILITY OF LOSING BRYCE YOUNG WHO ALREADY SAT OUT LAST SEASON????

      Personally I believe Saban is NOT HAPPY with the QB progress. Hence his SNIPPY ATTITUDE WITH A REPORTER WHO JUST ASKED. ARE YOU HAPPY WITH BRYCE YOUNG'S PROGRESSION OVER THE OFF SEASON???? Saban was his usual snippy self and said. " HOW DO YOU KNOW HE PROGRESSED?? "

      This time I think the snippy attitude is because maybe Saban HAS NOT SEEN ENOUGH PROGRESSION!!!!! So the announcement that his QB in particular had got million dollar NIL OFFERS. I CAN'T HELP BUT BELIEVE IT WAS AIMED AT TRANSFERS!!!!! AIMED AT GETTING NEW BLOOD INTO THE PORTAL AND TO ALABAMA. OTHERWISE WHY MAKE THAT COMMENT OUT OF THE BLUE AT ALL??? And where is this so-called MILLION DOLLAR DEAL???? Why not announce it, if it truly exist??? Again Saban already aggressively went after a TRANSFER QB THIS SEASON. WHY DO IT IF HE'S HAPPY WITH WHAT HE HAS????

      Paul Tyson looked average to bad. Milroe however you spell it is fast. Maybe the fastest player on the team they say. But fast don't get you anywhere at QB. Saban has had plenty of fast QBs that didn't do squat!!! He wants and needs AN ARM AT QB. AN ARM AND A BRAIN!!!!! I still keep saying. IF HE WAS HAPPY WITH HIS QB ROOM. WHY TARGET AN AVERAGE QB IN THE PORTAL???? Remember everything that BRYCE YOUNG did last season which WASN'T MUCH. Was done with THE BEST NFL WIDE RECEIVERS AND RUNNING BACKS IN THE DRAFT!!!! Those guys are GONE NOW. Maybe the young receivers have talent and potential but just aren't growing up in the offense fast enough. I PREDICTED THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!!!

      You can't go from N Harris best all purpose power and speed guy that catches like a wide receiver. And Heisman trophy winner D Smith and Jalen Waddle to a bunch of freshmen with talent but LACK OF EXPERIENCE. You don't just reload every year regardless to what anyone says. It's not so easy to replace the fastest man in college football who was also a great receiver and a running back that was ALL WORLD AT EVERY PART OF THE GAME. Then just replace the HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER AT RECEIVER. THERE ARE TALENTED RECIEVERS THAT COME OUT EVERY DAY. BUT THEY DON'T ALL WIN THE HEISMAN TROPHY AWARD. Also Alabama lost a NFL TE if I'm not mistaken.

      My point is you can put the guys I just mentioned with Stetson Bennett. And I guarantee you he lights the scoreboard up more than Bryce Young did last season. Stetson Bennett when he had all the STARTERS AROUND HIM LOOKED GOOD. BETTER THAN BRYCE YOUNG DID!!!! BUT WHEN 80% OF THE STARTERS GOT HURT. THEN HE COULDN'T CARRY THE TEAM.

      Still I dare ANYONE to compare Stetson Bennett last season to BRYCE YOUNG even with that ALL STAR TEAM AROUND HIM. Stetson Bennett absolutely looked and played better than Bryce Young did. If Stetson Bennett jumped into the portal tomorrow. I bet you Alabama would show interest!!!!!

      I'm not saying that Stetson Bennett has as high of a ceiling as Bryce Young. HE DOESN'T!!! But last season he looked better than Bryce Young. So if Bryce Young hasn't really grown up and I mean BIG TIME. Alabama could be in for some real issues.


      Okay fair enough. He wasn't allowed to be hit and he knew it. He put up yards but don't forget. A lot of those yards were RUNS AFTER THE CATCH!!!! Most importantly he put up 13 points. Not exactly overwhelming points!!!! And he was sacked and FUMBLED ON THE GOAL LINE GIVING UP POINTS!!!!!

      Tell me, how do you fumble on the goal line in a SPRING GAME. When you know they can't hit you???? I remember not so long ago when an auburn QB was touted as the Heisman trophy favorite. ALL BASED ON ONE SPRING GAME!!! Then when the whistle blew for real he was a totally different QB!!! Gus had to BENCH HIM in the first few games. HE NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR AUBURN!!!!! HE WAS TALLER THAN BRYCE YOUNG BY A MILE. HE HAD A BIG ACCURATE ARM WHEN HE WASN'T ALLOWED TO BE HIT. AND TO TOP IT OFF. HE WAS FASTER THAN BRYCE YOUNG!!!!!!

      PS. Watch Bryce Young play. It's easy to see he is a TUA IMITATION!!!! Only he's probably a foot shorter than Tua and doesn't have the receivers Tua had. And right now he isn't nearly what Tua was in college!!!! I believe eventually Bryce Young could be special provided the receivers pan out!!! Maybe even THIS SEASON??? But I said before and say again. I don't believe he is ready right now.

      I BELIEVE ALABAMA IS ABSOLUTELY VULNERABLE EARLY. IF THEY HAD TO PLAY CLEMSON. I BELIEVE CLEMSON WOULD BEAT ALABAMA BADLY AT THIS POINT!!!!! Maybe not later in the season but now yes!!!! I believe it would be worse than the last national championship game between the two teams. I actually believe Alabama was the better team that year. But they weren't the better team THAT NIGHT!!!! And Georgia is probably the reason why. Georgia played their socks off in that game. Saban better be glad that he had 5 star senior and former starter Jalen Hurts that night.

      Georgia had Tua's number on that night. Injury or no injury. Saban would have taken Tua out of that game for Hurts anyway. Just to change the flow of the game. Hurts experience and the fact that GEORGIA LOST THEIR BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER WALKER TO INJURY. IS WHAT ALLOWED ALABAMA TO ONCE AGAIN SQUEAK BY AND SURVIVE!!!! They can talk all they want. But the team that ALABAMA HATES TO PLAY IS GEORGIA!!!!! Saban knows just like I do that THE LAW OF AVERAGE WILL EVENTUALLY CATCH UP WITH THEM!!!!

      They can't keep relying on BAD CALLS BY REFS, or injuries or having a fast QB to come off the bench and save them against Georgia. They play Georgia every time like it's the national championship game. LOOK AT THE LOCKER-ROOM CELEBRATION ALABAMA HAD AFTER BEATING A STETSON BENNETT LED GEORGIA. UGA LED AT THE HALF!!!! But Nick Saban was DANCING WITH HIS TEAM!!!!! The locker room celebration was caught on tape. They were all dancing as if they had won the national championship!!!!! Because they knew like I did. Georgia was by far the toughest team they would play all season!!! EVEN WITH STETSON BENNETT!!!!!

      Believe me the Georgia players all saw that little locker room jig!!! They weren't a bit happy. They also know that had JT Daniels played in that game. GEORGIA WINS PERIOD!!!! Georgia would have been up a lot more at half. Allowing the defense to pin their ears back and come after Mack Jones!!!! Even with Stetson Bennett it took ANOTHER TERRIBLE PASS INTERFERENCE CALL ON THE GOAL LINE AFTER UGA STOPPED ALABAMA. GIVING ALABAMA A FIRST DOWN ON THE ONE YARD LINE. IT TOOK THAT BAD CALL FOR ALABAMA TO PULL AWAY!!!

      It was absolutely a bad call. A terrible call actually. But I expected as much in Tuscaloosa. Alabama fans like to poke fun at Georgia. But in their hearts THEY KNOW. They know Georgia BEAT THEM in regulation in 2017. Georgia was playing the REFS and Alabama in that game all night. Still make just 1 call right and Georgia wins in regulation. Just that offside on the punt block would have been enough to blow the game wide open. But the truth is we only needed 1 more point. We would have likely gotten 7!!!! But 3 points would be 2 more than we needed to win. 25 or more TERRIBLE CALLS and WORSE NO CALLS AIDED ALABAMA ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!

      Those REFS had already decided they were going to be part of history. They decided Saban was going to tie Bear Bryant on their watch!!!! Now the so-called legendary coach Saban will always love them. He knows what they did. I wouldn't put it past him PAYING THEM!!!! He knows he didn't win it straight up!!!! But he doesn't care. All he cares about is lifting the trophy and everyone worshiping him like a god in Tuscaloosa and around college football!!!!


      Anyway Saban knows Georgia won't go away. And yes he is afraid of them. He knows this season that Georgia holds a huge edge at QB!!!! And it won't do any good to pay someone to try and hurt JT Daniels. Because that could end really bad for Alabama. Because former 5 star 6.5 230 pound mobile QB Carson Beck would then be called on. Carson Beck is similar in many ways to Kyle Trask and believe it or not Trevor Lawrence. HE WAS MR FOOTBALL IN FLORIDA. TOOK HIS TEAM THAT HAD NEVER WON ANYTHING TO A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! He regressed a little in his senior season. BUT HIS ENTIRE OFFENSE GRADUATED LEAVING ONLY HIMSELF. MOST ANYONE WILL REGRESS UNDER THOSE CONDITIONS. EVEN WITHOUT GREAT PLAYERS. HE STILL PULLED IT TOGETHER NEAR THE END OF THE SEASON. WAS STILL ENVITED TO THE ELITE 11 AND DID WELL!!!

      Carson Beck is 6.5 230 and mobile with a big-time accurate arm. And like JT DANIELS an unbelievable FOOTBALL IQ!!!! He is basically a bigger, more mobile Jake Fromm with a much stronger accurate arm!!! He made NFL THROWS in high school!!!!

      Behind him is a BIGGER VERSION of Johnny Football that lit Alabama up on more than one occasion. He's bigger and probably runs better. Brock Vandagriff isn't THE #1 DUAL THREAT 5 STAR QB FOR NOTHING!!!! He showed flashes in the spring game. Like Carson Beck and JT Daniels. He is also the son of a coach!!!! I think Kirby Smart deliberately went after these kind of guys. Because he knows the value of a QB who can get you out of a bad play at the line of scrimmage. Without having to burn a timeout!!!! Jake Fromm was the same type of QB. BUT HONESTLY ALL THESE GUYS HAVE MORE ARM TALENT THAN JAKE FROMM AND ALL ARE MORE MOBILE. INCLUDING JT DANIELS!!!!

      Everyone thinks JT Daniels is a statue or something. They are dead wrong!!! He might be just as fast and mobile as Bryce Young. What am I basing this on? HIGH SCHOOL NUMBERS. BRYCE YOUNG HAD 1084 CAREER RUSHING YARDS. With and average yards per carry of 4.0 YARDS. With a long of 40 yards for a TD. BRYCE YOUNG CARRIED THE BALL 268 TIMES IN HIS CAREER. That is not bad.

      JT Daniels is more pass oriented. BUT JT DANIELS HAD 557 RUSHING YARDS. So about half. BUT WATCH THIS. JT DANIELS AVERAGE PER CARRY WAS 4.2!!! Slightly higher than Bryce Young. JT Daniels had a longer touchdown run. As he had a 60 yard TD run to his credit!!! JT DANIELS carried the ball only 132 times. So much much less!!!!

      Had JT Daniels carried the ball the same number of times. He had the slightly higher average per carry at 4.2 YARDS. So this stat implies that he would either have the same rushing numbers or better!!!!

      Both QBs had an impressive 152 Touchdown passes. Tied with 152. But then remember. The numbers for Bryce Young are over a 4 year span.

      JT DANIELS ONLY PLAYED 3 YEARS AND THEN RECLASSIFIED AND STARTED FOR USC WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. That USC team had a historically bad O line. But he still held his own as a true freshman on a terrible team. He even had a hard time getting CLEAN SNAPS ALL SEASON!!!!

      JT Daniels would have completely destroyed Bryce Young's passing numbers had he played another season. He likely beats Bryce Young by 50 to 70 TD passes!!!! That is no exaggeration. He would have also demolished Trevor Lawrence TD pass stats. He was only short by maybe 10 TD passes.


      As is JT Daniels clearly outperformed both QBs in his high school days!!!! So don't let THE MEDIA or the haters fool you. JT Daniels is just about as mobile as Bryce Young if he wants to be. It was that HISTORICALLY BAD USC O LINE THAT CAUSED THE SACKS AND AVERAGE PLAY BY JT DANIELS.

      PS. I predict if Georgia keeps them off him. To at minimum have a fair shot. JT DANIELS LEADS GEORGIA TO AN SEC TITLE AND A PLAYOFF BIRTH!!!!! And this is the beginning of a SPECIAL TIME IN GEORGIA FOOTBALL HISTORY!!!!


      • might be the biggest loser to ever post on a sports site. You write out an entire thesis,just to hate on a team who OWNS your Bulldogs. You need to get laid or find a hobby.

      • Negan you honestly suck man. You and your whole fanbase are living in a sad world of misery as your bulldogs suck year in and year out. We even gave you our best coordinator we have ever had and you still have not accomplished anything other than a sugar bowl. You are the definition of a loser. and nobody is reading that stupid book you wrote. You wasted 10 precious minutes of your life wasting it that one day you will wish you had back.

      • I would have gotten through War and Peace quicker than this dissertation from who? Comment sections should have a word limit.



      Arik Gilbert has ran a 4.5 40 before in his career. He was slimmer but he still did it. His natural position is WR! People say they wonder if he can do it. As for him supposedly being slow. When you have his size and skill speed isn't that big of a deal. Anyone remember STEVE LARGENT? I might have spelled his name wrong. Anyway he was TINY FOR THE NFL AND SLOW. YET HE SET THE ALL TIME RECEIVING RECORD IN THE NFL WITH SEATTLE MANY YEARS AGO. THAT RECORD HAS PROBABLY BEEN BROKEN. But at that point he had the record for most career catches. He was ALL PRO most every season. He was a short, un-athletic white dude that was too small and to slow. But he is probably in the hall of fame or will be!!! So if you can run pass routs you don't have to be a burner. At 6.5 256 Arik Gilbert was running a 4.7 in high school. Still he was rated as the TOP TE in the history of the rankings!!! Kyle Pitts didn't come in running no 4.3!!!! I'll guarantee you Pitts lost a bunch of weight quickly to get to that number.

      So tell me what prevents Arik Gilbert from doing the same. He has already slimmed down a lot!!!! He will be similar to Calvin Johnson that played at Ga Tech and Detroit. The one they called Megatron because of his size and ability. But he wasn't as big as Gilbert!!! But many scouts actually compared the two of them. That is quite a comparison. Considering that Calvin Johnson was probably the best wide receiver to ever play the game. I'm not referring to stats. I'm referring to his UNSTOPPABLE ABILITY!!!! If he wasn't the best. I would probably only take 1 player over him. That would be Jerry Rice in his prime!!!!! Rice was fast. But he mainly ran elite routs and had fly-paper for hands!!!!

      All these people criticizing Arik Gilbert's ATHLETICISM now that he's at Georgia. Those same folks need to go read his 247 ranking coming out of high school. HE GOT A PERFECT 10 FOR ATHLETICISM!!!! In fact he got 3 10s and all the rest 9s. He only received one 7 for hands. I FIND THAT LAUGHABLE!!!!!! Yea he dropped a few and for good reason.

      His team was so used to just throwing it up and Arik Gilbert going and getting the impossible catches nearly every time. They got so used to it. They threw the ball into lots of bad situations. INCLUDING BEHIND HIM AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. SO HE WAS HUMAN AND DROPPED A FEW. AS HAS EVERY RECIEVER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME!!!!!

      Either way. When you get 3 straight 10s and then all 9s until that one thing. I think he can live with that. At LSU he dropped a few. But they were thrown behind him or just badly thrown. He didn't drop many. Because even though he opted out fairly early. HE WAS STILL THEIR SECOND LEADING RECEIVER LAST SEASON!!! He probably gets the #1 spot if he didn't opt out!!!!!

      Just imagine if the star receivers hadn't opted out. LSU had 2 NFL type receivers opt out on them. I just don't get that. It doesn't happen at Alabama or really Georgia either. Jaime Newman opted out as a BUSINESS DECISION. Because JT Daniels was beating him out with a brace on his knee and running THE SCOUT TEAM!!!!!! He never played a down for Georgia. So as is nobody has really has opted out with Georgia or Alabama that I know of!!!! I don't consider Newman a Georgia player!!!! If he played maybe we beat Florida. I don't know about Alabama. Because personally I think Stetson Bennett is better or just as good as Newman. He isn't a quitter. I'll give him that!!!!! But ultimately JT Daniels wins the job. In fact Newman might have done Georgia a huge favor.

      Because if he played well enough to beat Florida and win the east. I'm afraid Kirby might have left him in there and kept JT Daniels on the bench. In Kirby's mind he might have been trying to protect JT Daniels from injuries.

      But that could have went really really bad!!!!! Because I do not believe that Newman would have beaten Alabama. And ultimately it could have cost us JT Daniels!!! Maybe he transfers to play for Mullen the clown. Thinking to himself I can beat out Emory Jones. And I can do anything Trask can do and do it better!!!!!

      We still would have had 2 great QBs in Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff. But we would have been looking at having to possibly play against JT Daniels instead of with him. So actually I'm thankful for the way it turned out in that way. Because either Florida or Auburn would likely have had an elite QB better than what they have now. In fact, he might have went to Alabama. HE'S NOT AFRAID OF BRYCE YOUNG!!!! HE'S TALLER AND BETTER!!!!!!

      So in hindsight everything worked out just like it should. Thank you Jamie Newman. Good luck catching on with a team. I hope you do. Thankfully now we have JT Daniels, Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff. And another WORLD CHANGER ON THE WAY!!!!!!

      Don't let SI or anyone else sour you on Gunner Stockton. He's elite!!! He's a much better runner than Bryce Young or Trevor Lawrence. He has 63 touchdown runs to prove it!!!! Before it's over he will likely break both Bryce Young and Trevor Lawrence TD pass numbers. He needs 30 to tie Young right now. I think he needs 40 or so to tie Trevor Lawrence. He is averaging about 45 these days. He's likely to throw 50 td passes if he keeps going like he is now!!!! He has 122 touchdown passes now with 63 touchdown runs. As compared to Bryce Young's 23 touchdown runs or about that.


      SI is just angry that Gunner is going to Georgia. They claim his QB ranking is dropping based upon how his skill set translates to Georgia. Can you believe that? Since when does a kid lose ranking based upon THE COLLEGE HE CHOSE???? THIS IS FLAT OUT NEGATIVE RECRUITING AGAINST GEORGIA. I WONDER WHO PAID THEM TO SAY SUCH THINGS????

      Probably the same person dropping a few dollars in the hands of these recruiting outlets!!!! 247 now has Quinn Ewers ranked as the #1 QB and #1 overall prospect last time I checked. All ill say to that is LOL!!!!! He is Taller than Gunner I'll give him that. But that is all I'll give him!!!!

      If 247 is holding Gunner Stockton's height against him all of a sudden. Now that he's committed to GEORGIA! Maybe they need to go revise their ranking of Bryce Young. Because Bryce Young MIGHT go 5.11 if he's really really lucky!!!! Gunner Stockton is at least 6.2 right now!!!!

      Saban is officially listed as 5.6 now. There is one picture I found of Saban taking a picture with Bryce Young. Bryce Young is literally holding his chin way up in the air and probably standing on his tippy toes. And he is taking the picture from this strange UPPER ANGLE and it's real blurry.

      Anyway, either way Saban isn't that much shorter than him. When a man 5.6 can look you in the eyes, your not that tall!!!! My point is that if they hold Gunner Stockton's height against him at 6.2. They need to revise the ranking of Bryce Young to. I'm being extremely generous giving him 5.11!!!! I think even though he list himself at 6 feet. I think 5.11 is too generous!!!!!!

      Either way, throw height out of the picture and look at stats. Quinn Ewers has 75 touchdown passes and around 20 TD runs. And for this he ranks as the top QB in the country????

      Again Gunner Stockton has 122 touchdown passes as opposed to a mere 75.

      Gunner Stockton has around 63 TD runs as opposed to Quinn Ewers 20 or so!!!! So tell me. WHAT DO THE NUMBERS SAY???? They say the numbers never lie. Well what do the numbers say??? IN FACT WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS LITERALLY SCREAMING??????? Apparently the scouts are dead, dum or stupid. Maybe all the above!!!

      PS. Keep dropping Gunner Stockton in the rankings. That way maybe people leave him alone and go after the others. Because Gunner Stockton is the #1 QB IN HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!


  • I guess the other schools are bent over a barrel. If they lose OU and Texas they lose the conference. Increase the revenue for them to stay and the other schools lose payout money. This is a choose your poison if ever there was one.

    • I think it’s more than money also though, it’s about recruiting because A&M uses the SEC argument to get recruits over Texas pretty successfully and OU-Texas realize coming in 3rd, 4th, or 5th in the conference could even get them into the playoff when it expands to 12 teams in the coming years. I’ll be very surprised if the Big 12 doesn’t completely collapse.

      • I can flat out guarantee Bob Bowlsby and Mike Aresco are having discussions. And if they’re not they should be. It’s every man for himself and this is going to make a lot of strange bedfellows.

    • tailwhip............We all know you don't want OU in the SEC. After that cotton bowl y'all must have had bad dreams. Probably still having nightmares!!!! Because with Trask still playing and the team talking as confident as they were. I think you honestly believed that SEC Florida was going to roll in there and prove OU is all smoke and mirrors. I bet you did.


      I on the other hand picked Florida to lose by anywhere from 3 touchdowns to 5 touchdowns. I also said I was leaning toward the 5 touchdowns if I had to pick. It's well documented that's what I said.

      Even after y'all beat our SCOUT TEAM. I said Florida loses 4 games this season. That was before LSU. I picked LSU to win in the swamp. I said Alabama will win in a shootout. I said Trask will probably get sacked trying to get the team down for the winning TD. I don't remember exactly how it ended. But I said the clock runs out on Florida and Trask probably gets sacked to end the game. I can't remember but it was probably like that if I remember correctly.

      I knew Alabama was better. But I also knew they would take Florida lightly. I knew Alabama's defense wasn't as good as people think. I knew Florida could light them up. At least I can say. You only lit up the GEORGIA SCOUT TEAM!!! That is a fact. 80% of the starters were missing. Especially the most important ones. Like big Jordan Davis in the middle and Richard Le'count on the back end. And a ton of starters in between!!!!!! Offense to. But the defense was really hurt!!!! Anyway I PREDICTED that game PERFECTLY!!!! I also picked Texas A&M to beat Florida. So all my predictions were absolutely perfect!!!!

      Believe it or not I actually said I had a feeling that Georgia would lose a ton of players to injuries this season. And that if they did. Florida likely wins the easy thanks to injuries. I WAS CORRECT AGAIN!!!! I made all these predictions before the season. I never swayed from any of them.

      I also said I believe OU loses 2 games and doesn't make the playoffs. I added to that. There was a great chance that Florida plays OU in a bowl. And yes, it was then I PREDICTED FLORIDA LOSES BY ANYWHERE FROM 3 TOUCHDOWNS TO 5 TOUCHDOWNS. I also said if I had to pick. I would choose the 5 touchdowns and I also said WHY!!!!

      I said Florida is always a big talking team. That both Mullen and Florida would likely be taking jabs. I said OU will have a better defense than usual and a deadly offense by bowl season. I PREDICTED THEY WOULD TAKE FLORIDA TO THE WOODSHED!!!!!!!


      I'm happy to say I was right!!!! Now I guarantee Georgia wins the SEC this year. Not just the east. The entire SEC!!! You will see it happen just as I've said it again. It always does!!!!!!!


      If I would have been perfect. No doubt the government would knock on my door. I would probably be locked in a laboratory somewhere. LOL. But wait and see. This is the year the dawgs turn the corner. I PREDICTED THIS UPCOMING SEASON BACK IN 2016!!!! I SAID 2021 WILL BE THE YEAR OF THE DAWGS!!!!!

      PS. It's only the beginning!!!!!! Georgia will absolutely be your next DYNASTY!!!!!


  • The Big 12 is toast. What’s left of them, and it’ll be a bunch—because most are not going to be welcomed by the PAC, B1G or ACC—will unite with the best of the AAC and that’s as good as it’s going to get for them in Lubbock and Manhattan. They’ll all hope to compete for that one expanded CFP spot. Do they get also get a spot at the autonomy table? That’s up to ESPN.

    • Don't know about that. This is going to force the other conferences to come up with an alternative solution and I believe that means wrapping up the rest of the conferences into a mega conference that dwarfs the SEC. If you can go coast to coast (ACC to Pac) reach down to the Big 12 and cobble a new conference (mountain/big 12 merger) You dominate the national geographic/demographic map. A 4 league super conference branded as one. CFB Armageddon.

      • I think the real end game is to win football games not how many teams are in your conference.

        • Well great then. Let's open the SEC to every team in the US. If the argument is to strengthen the conference bring in OU and check with Harvard or Yale or another Ivy League school if they are committed to building their programs with NIL money as there is more money in that alumni niche than elsewhere. With enough NIL money you can buy the opportunity to win a Natty. An unregulated NIL flips CFB on it's head.

  • The fact of the matter is, schools like Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and perhaps Mississippi State and Kentucky should vote against this merger. If money’s the end all, be all in college sports, then it’s only a matter of time until the SEC starts shedding the smaller, less successful programs. A billion dollar television deal goes a lot further divided between 10 or 12 schools than 16, and no one is tuning in for Vanderbilt games.

    • Super League. Funny thing is I don't watch the NFL but if came down to the best of college football vs the NFL, why would I follow the minor leagues? I follow it because of the loyalty to my program, my conference. I quit Big 12 games as soon as we hit the SEC and that is what I watched. Dollars don't measure the intangibles like why people watch and follow their team.

      • That’s a point that does not seem to be considered very heavily, but could become more relevant as major changes to CFB accelerate and blur the distinction with pro ball.

        Two key questions: why is CFB so popular (and profitable), and why has every attempt to form a second pro league crashed and burned? These really lead to a third: at what point does this rapidly shifting landscape begin to cause traditionalists to lose interest?

        Each major change that has occurred in CFB over recent years has been designed to benefit either the institutions or the players, and is often centered on financial gain. The fans’ desires are rarely given priority, and the assumption is they will continue to support their schools regardless of how unrecognizable the sport becomes. Is that true, though? Is there a tipping point that drives more fans (and dollars) away than adds new eyeballs?

        I think we may find out soon. In just 3 years there has been a seismic shift in the game. Unrestricted free agency is now a reality, and NIL has already begun to shake up how kids view their college choices and experience. Conference expansion continues to reduce the regional appeal of the game. Playoff expansion threatens the relevancy of the regular season. And SCOTUS has now opened the door - actually, aggressively invited - pay for play. And all this on top of the recent me-first phenomenon of some key players refusing to participate in post-season play with their team.

        College football is a very expensive and time-consuming sport to support for the committed fan. More so than any other American game, I would argue. I already find myself questioning why I continue to pour the time and money into this enterprise that seems to not care one whit what I - and millions like me - think or want. I see a day, maybe in the not-too-distant future, where I give CFB the same treatment I have the pro sports because everything that created my passion for the game is gone.

        • Not sure how old you are, but I get the feeling that you and I are not the target audience any longer.

        • Sixty-three. And I don’t consider myself the old dude on the porch yelling, “Get off my lawn!”, but there’s a limit.

        • Excellent factual post AND could not agree more. The driving force behind the popularity and profitability of college football has ALWAYS been driven by devoted alumni and fans from each school. The nostalgia and "reminiscing of our college days" will soon fade and be replaced with "likes" and social media. In my opinion, the assumption alumni will continue to sacrifice for alma mater is misguided.

        • @Rebel4Ever - and that may be overestimated. Facebook did a very imperfect study back in 2015 of the percentage of CFB fans that were actually alumni of the program they support. Turns out that about 2 in 3 fans of the average FBS program did not attend that school.

          Notre Dame was the highest in the country at 96%, while UGA was the highest in the SEC at 93%. A&M was the lowest in the country at 43%.

          The dynamics of how this demographic affects loyalty and interest can be debated endlessly, but my take is that there are many more people out there with the emotional freedom to walk away from the sport than those with extremely strong connections.

          I suppose it can also be argued that the non-alum population might be less offended by all these paradigm-shifting changes and more inclined to ride it out.

          I’m in between. I’ve been a Dawg since I was ten, but attended Georgia State for reasons beyond my control at the time. I eventually got a masters from UGA, but I was emotionally and financially committed to supporting Georgia football long before then.

          The next few years will tell us. This Change Train just keeps gathering steam. If there’s going to be a significant Walkaway movement in CFB, I think it will come with pay-for-play. It will for me.

        • Well written. McNamara thought Viet Nam could be won by managing statistics/numbers. What he couldn't factor in were the intangibles. Professional sports have been declining as well as CFB attendance as a whole. In the pursuit of monetizing every aspect of society, particularly in sports, at a certain point you are gambling that if the fan were given only one opportunity to spend it's excess funds it will be on your entertainment franchise. And that's what we're seeing. We may be seeing the battle for all in with sports vs netflix/hbo/etc vs the internet tiktok and whatever else the kids are into. I'd hate to see everything I grew up loving ending but I think that's closer to what's happening than not.

    • There is more than just football though.. Vanderbilt has always brought some decent competition for basketball and they are a powerhouse for baseball. Same with Arkansas. Kentucky is probably the most influential and historic program in CBB history, and Mississippi State was atop the SEC not even to long ago for football.

    • Guys, basically anyone below a Tennessee could be in trouble. Google the SEC bylaws. Page 3 shows it takes 3/4s to add new members, but only 2/3rds to eliminate one. Now, let’s say as the ACC’s TV deal gets close to expiring in 2035, the SEC poaches Clemson, FSU, maybe Miami and even Va Tech. The SEC will have 8 teams (almost 50% of the conference) added since 2010. Add Alabama, UGA, Auburn, Florida, LSU and Tennessee, and you now have enough votes to start kicking teams out. Maybe it’s just Vandy and Miss State, or maybe they get rid of five or six teams. Very real possibility.

  • Big 12 media proposal. 16 teams. Four pods.
    1. Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU.
    2. OU, OSU, Kansas, KSU.
    3. Iowa St, Boise, BYU, Cincy.
    4. UCF, WVU, Memphis, and Tulane.
    They keep thei two national powers and add the Orlando, Cincy, Memphis, and New Orleans TV markets, plus a decent sized religious following. These pretty strong compared to everyone outside the SEC.

        • It’s a good idea. Allows them to expand their brand. Anything to keep them out. I fear it’ll blow everything up.

        • Maybe you should email that to the Big 12 Executive Committee. UCF and Cincy would probably approve. Tulane would definitely be in over their heads, but their position would improve. 1.5 shares of the additional revenue isn't a small thing.

          I like the idea, but I fear that boat's already sailed.

      • Kansas and anybody is bad, but they are already there. I did the best I could with what I had to work with. They could take Houston instead of Tulane, but that doesn’t really expand the footprint.

    • It wouldn't earn what the SEC promises.

      B12 is on the carving table. B1G has first wack. ACC is next.

      Notre Dame should act before they are left without a chair when the music stops. B1G and ACC want them. They are already 90% in the ACC.

      • Not if they get two shares. Every other school still makes more than they would otherwise. Maybe Iowa State gets a Big invite, but that’s it as far as better opportunities go.

  • How about if the Big 10 gets involved and makes an offer. To me, that would be better for the long term health of the sport than them going to the SEC. They could also pay a ton. They would certainly close the gap on the SEC.

    • I think TX/OK are the ones picking where they want to go. Big 10 can’t get as big a TV package as SEC I wouldn’t think. Maybe.

    • In response to Bobby Bowdwn's Criminoles, taunting has been a violation of NCAA rule since 1992. Personal Foul, 15 yards. And it's inforced in every CFB conference. The issue has been, really, is that Big 12 officials allowed the Sooners to get by with it a few times too often. Horns Down in a Longhorn player's face is, by definition, taunting.

      • Children in Kindergarten should be taught Horns Down before they learn anything else.

    • I can just see Tiger Stadium when TX comes to town. Heck their band may form a hooks down formation at halftime

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