Heading into the 2020 season, many analysts and fans were high on the Iowa State Cyclones and QB Brock Purdy.

Some even thought Purdy could be a sneaky Heisman Trophy contender. However, the Cyclones have already lost this year (to Louisiana) and on Saturday, Purdy made one of the worst decisions of the season.

As you can see below, a TCU defender was spinning him around in the backfield when Purdy inexplicably tried to throw the ball. He ends up tossing it right to a TCU player behind the line of scrimmage and he takes it to the end zone for an easy touchdown:

That’s a huge mistake for Purdy, especially with the Cyclones having a 16-7 lead at that point. Now, Iowa State is leading 23-14 at the end of the third quarter.

Purdy will have to avoid making any other inexcusable mistakes like the one above if the Cyclones are going to hold on for a win.