Just when it looked like the NCAA’s leadership appeared to be the worst-run organization in college sports, the Big Ten has decided to give the NCAA a run for its money.

The lack of direction and leadership displayed by the Big Ten in recent days has to be concerning for fans of that league as it appears individual coaches and players from across the conference had no idea the cord could be pulled on their fall season until this weekend — literally days after the league’s fall schedule was released.

Following the Big Ten’s decision to cancel its fall football season, Nebraska has expressed interest in playing this fall despite the conference’s decision to cancel the season.

At least one Nebraska outlet is asking if it’s time to end the school’s relationship with the Big Ten and return to the Big 12.

Well, if you gauge the temperature of that move by listening to Northwestern alum Michael Wilbon, of ESPN “Pardon The Interruption” fame, the Big Ten should give Nebraska the boot.

“You know what? The Big Ten has operated for 116 years, most of them damn successful without Nebraska, which has been around for the last nine,” Wilbon said during the most recent episode of his show. “I got a lot of friends from Nebraska, starting with my dear friend Mike Gleason, he’s just gonna have to plug your ears up, because you know what I hope somebody on that call set to Nebraska’s representatives, even as President? ‘Get the hell out!’

“If you want to turn and tuck tail after you receive $52 million of guaranteed TV money every year, then go, go somewhere else. What is what an inflated sense of self in Nebraska football program has that hasn’t done a damn thing in like a decade or more, they’ve done nothing. And now they want to tuck tail? I hope somebody said, ‘Get out!'”

Apparently, Michigan alum and ESPN analyst Desmond Howard agrees.

Check out his reaction to Nebraska on Wednesday:

Now would be a good time for the leaders of the Big Ten to step up and calm these waters. However, based on what we’ve seen from the Big Ten’s leaders in recent days, that won’t be happening.