Great news for fans of the Big Ten and college football as the Power 5 league is set to return to the field this fall just over a month after announcing the postponement of its season to the spring due to the coronavirus.

This news was first reported by Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday.

According to multiple sources, the Big Ten is planning to return to the field on Saturday, Oct. 24. The league is planning on doing daily, rapid testing.

“Everyone associated with the Big Ten should be very proud of the groundbreaking steps that are now being taken to better protect the health and safety of the student-athletes and surrounding communities,” Dr. Jim Borchers, Head Team Physician, The Ohio State University and co-chair of the Return to Competition Task Force medical subcommittee said via a release from the Big Ten.

“The data we are going to collect from testing and the cardiac registry will provide major contributions for all 14 Big Ten institutions as they study COVID-19 and attempt to mitigate the spread of the disease among wider communities.”

It’s unclear at this time if every member of the league is returning to action, however, it has been said by many leaders in the Big Ten that the league will be all or nothing this fall, which suggests all 14 members will return to the field by the outlined Oct. 24 start date.

The Big Ten should be eligible to compete in the upcoming College Football Playoff provided they make the targeted return to the field start date of Oct. 24.

Following this news, the only Power 5 league that won’t be playing this fall is the Pac-12.