The Big Ten could be back sooner than expected.

The league’s decision to postpone its fall football season may look more foolish with each passing day but the players, coaches and fans of that league may get an opportunity to play this fall after all according to a report from Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Here is an excerpt from Potrykus’ report:

According to two college football people familiar with the Big Ten, those talks have generated a new option, starting a Big Ten season of at least eight games the week of Thanksgiving.

The Journal Sentinel reported earlier this month that league officials were working on a plan to play an eight-game season beginning in January, with the games to be played in indoor facilities.

At least the Big Ten is trying to clean up its mess — of course, the very mess it put itself in needlessly earlier this month.

With advancements in COVID testing and studies since that time, there’s hope that the Big Ten won’t have to wait until the spring to kick off its next football season.

If nothing else, the players from that league deserve the opportunity to see the field this year. It’s not their fault the leadership of that league has proven to be a disaster.