The vast majority of Big Ten programs already had an issue attracting elite high school talent to their football programs but now that the league appears to lack leadership and a commitment to college football?

Good luck with that, Big Ten.

That’s not just pure speculation, either, as at least one Big Ten coach has issued his angst following a rough few days for the league.

The Big Ten appears to have one foot in and out of the pool when it comes to playing college football in the fall and with no word from the conference leaders to calm the waters, the effects on the recruiting trail have already begun to be felt.

According to Geoff Ketchum of, one unnamed coach shared the following information regarding one of the program’s top targets concerns when it comes to the Big Ten’s lack of support for football.

“Heard from a Big 10 coach overnight that I’ve known for 20 years that the conference being blamed for shutting down the sport is already impacting recruiting. One top 2021 target told this coach’s staff that he would go to a school in a conference that ‘supports football.'”

As if the Big Ten’s poor NFL Draft numbers and lack of postseason success weren’t enough, now the league has to fight the narrative that the league doesn’t care about football as much as others.