The Big Ten has reportedly made a decision about further expansion as it relates to addition Pac-12 programs.

After it was reported, and later announced, that Southern Cal and UCLA would move to the Big Ten, Ryan Kartje of the Los Angeles Times reported that no other Pac-12 members are expected to move to the Big Ten at this time. Oregon, Washington and Stanford are among the schools previously mentioned as possibilities.

The expansion to 16 teams is expected to begin in 2024, and after the Pac-12’s current media rights contracts with FOX and ESPN expire. The move makes the Big Ten the first conference to extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The announcement, which surprised the Pac-12, came almost a year after Oklahoma and Texas formally accepted invitations to join the SEC in July 2025.

In a statement, the Pac-12 wrote, in part, “While we are extremely surprised and disappointed by the news coming out of UCLA and USC today, we have a long and storied history in athletics, academics, and leadership in supporting student-athletes that we’re confident will continue to thrive and grow into the future.”