In the latest installment of the Saturday Down South podcast, host John Crist and co-host Connor O’Gara discuss former Alabama quarterbacks Blake Barnett and Cooper Bateman criticizing their former coach, Nick Saban.

Barnett and Bateman both expected to be a big part of the Crimson Tide offense in 2016, but then Jalen Hurts took the reigns in the season opener and never gave them back. Was Saban less than honest about his plan at the game’s most important position to protect his depth chart from any potential transfers?

Additionally, John and Connor delve into the controversial comments made by UCLA QB Josh Rosen to Matt Hayes of Bleacher Report. According to Rosen, trying to play college football at the FBS level is the equivalent of working two full-time jobs. He also didn’t appear to be overly impressed with the average SAT score at a program like ‘Bama.

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