Former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops isn’t shedding tears over the scrapping of Bedlam once the Sooners make the move to the SEC.

He was quoted saying the Sooners would be just fine filling the stands without the Cowboys coming to town every season.

“You think we’re going to struggle filling the stadium with the teams we’re gonna have coming in? There’s a whole bunch of things if we want to play tick for tack we could say but I’m not going to be the one to say them,” Stoops said. “Let people there working for the university do it if they feel the need to. Bottom line is, we’re going to be in a strong position and its going to be exciting filling our stadium and sky suites with the team’s we’re gonna have coming in.”

Stoops coached the Sooners from 1999-2016. He will coach the Dallas Renegades in the 2023 XFL season.