If you missed it, the Mountain West Conference recently announced a new TV deal for the league worth $270 million total for six years.

The Mountain West Conference was already aligned with CBS Sports and will remain that way moving forward. The biggest shakeup in the new TV deal involves ESPN and FOX Sports. The Mountain West’s previous TV deal had the league being showcased on CBS Sports and ESPN, while the new deal has CBS Sports and FOX Sports airing the league’s games.

Previously, ESPN had the option to air Boise State home games. The new deal states FOX Sports will air Boise State home games and CBS Sports has the option to air Boise State’s away games.

The new deal is structured so that the revenue of this deal is not scheduled to be split evenly, as Boise State is subject to receive additional revenue, just as they did in the league’s previous TV deal.

It should be noted that the Mountain West permits Boise State to broker its own TV contracts. This was agreed upon previously when the Big East attempted to lure Boise State out of the Mountain West.

Following the new Mountain West TV deal being announced, Boise State released the following statement:

The new television agreement brings many benefits to the Mountain West, and we are looking forward to a new relationship with CBS and FOX. When the league set out to negotiate a new television deal, it was looking for three things – additional revenue for its member institutions, earlier kick times and exposure for both the league and its schools.

From a revenue standpoint, equal share tripled for all members of the conference, including Boise State. Due to our location, later kickoffs are going to be a part of any TV deal. FOX agreed to kick no later than 7:45 p.m., and between the two partners, they have agreed to move a maximum of 10 games per season off of Saturday.

ESPN has been a great partner of Boise State – and the Mountain West – for a long time, and we had some hesitation about moving away from that relationship. However, the terms and value offered to the Mountain West by FOX were better. We feel that our new partner is committed to helping Boise State continue to grow our brand and raise our institutional profile across the nation.

The Mountain West stated that this was the last time our deal would be negotiated separately. However, Boise State’s decision to join the conference was predicated on a number of negotiated provisions, including the right to separately negotiate material terms of media rights relating to our home games. This is stated in our conference agreement and cannot be changed by any vote of the membership or conflicting agreement. We will not support any change to this provision and are in the process of weighing our options to move forward.

It’s unclear what exactly Boise State is threatening with that last statement but it would appear the school is considering changing conferences. Considering the value of its football program, Boise State may soon be the most valuable “free agent” in college football.